Why is buying an iPhone better than buying an Android phone?

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Looking for a smartphone can be tedious and frustrating. You’ll search every phone that exists and inspect every feature it offers before you make your final purchase. With so many options available on the market, chances are you’ve narrowed down your choices to an Android operating system or an iPhone instead.

However, even with these two mere options, there are a lot of specs and features you’ll need to consider. Regarding the iPhone, there are some significant advantages it holds over Android devices.

Here is why buy iPhones may be better than opting for another smartphone:

User-friendly design

Apple is known for its easy-to-use, consistent design. Adopting the same iPod touch interface, the iPhone gives users a similar feel. On the other hand, Android comes with several glitches, making it easy to misconfigure apps and leading them not to perform as intended.

On the other hand, Apple calls for simplifying user experience by ensuring all functions perform the way Apple originally intended them to perform- one of the primary reasons Apple continues to be ahead of its game.

Variety of accessories and apps

While some smartphones like the Samsung S4 may have inductive charging options and replaceable batteries, Apple still equips its iPhones with a greater variety of add-ons. The iPhone has got you covered, from high-tech attachable camera lenses to the all-famous air pods or even the apple watch series!

Similarly, Apple also offers multiple credible apps on their App store. While Google Play Store may offer a wider variety of apps, Apple invests a considerable amount of time before reviewing an application and finally uploading it on their platform, all contributing to an enhanced, safe user experience.

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Settings and accessibility

The iPhone offers several settings that you can tailor to your preferences. For instance, some users with less accurate motor function or low vision may look for unique accessibility options, and Apple does a good job catering to that.

Similarly, iPhones also allow users to decrease their screen light brightness, which is helpful, especially for those who enjoy reading at night. This feature is not readily available on all Android phones, meaning users can’t dim down as much as they want.

Fewer security breaches

This is an apparent reason why many smartphone lovers opt for iPhones. While Android phones provide users with more independence compared to an iPhone, the freedom can prove quite costly. Security breaches and malicious content is no stranger to Android phones. They are infamous for the many models that have been corrupted as a result of it.

Apple may come with some disadvantages, but at the end of the day, it is known to be a lot safer and more convenient compared to Android phones. Buy an iPhone today from your nearest Apple Store or check out Experimax for the latest deals on iPads, iMacs, and iPhones for sale.

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