Why do many students who Study Hard Fail in the Exams Anyway?

As you know that preparing yourself for the annual examination is a difficult task for every student. Students who appeared in the matric exams, find themselves in a different situation. Students struggle a lot to get the best grades in that annual examination. Some of those who study hard but fail. However, it is quite strange. When someone asks you about your result, it becomes difficult for you to elaborate that you studied hard but were unable to get the best scores.

Students of matric are advised not to worry. We will interpret the strategies that you can use in your exams to achieve success. We will also indicate the things through which you find out your mistakes and why you fail in the exams.


  • Top 6 Reasons why Students Fail in the Exams.

We have elaborate on the top 6 reasons here. Read them carefully. You will get to know what the reason behind your failure is.

  1. Overconfidence
  2. Insufficient planning of time.
  3. Distractions
  4. Lack of Interest.
  5. Excessive Engagement


  1. Overconfidence

Having confidence is a good habit. Students must have confidence but they do not cross the limits to become overconfident. Students who become overconfident think that they are smarter than anyone. They always think that they can easily get the highest scores in their 10th class result. He considers himself correct even when he is not.

If you are an outstanding student, it does not mean you can cope with all the difficult tasks. For this, you must struggle a lot. This is one of the aspects that is frequently present when students fail.

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How to Overcome:

Here is the solution to overcome your overconfidence. Read out the points to get guidelines & make yourself better.

  1. Consider the effects.
  2. Be open-minded.
  3. Examine your own mistakes.
  4. Pay close attention to remarks.
  5. Do not consider yourself superior to the professionals

By following these rules, you can overcome your mistakes and can achieve success.

  1. Insufficient Planning of time.

Effective time management is useful for all students. Before starting their preparation, students become careless in making the timetable and following it properly. They do not plan their studies and divide the topics that they have to prepare first. Most of the students cannot pay attention in this way and fail their exams. However, planning is an essential thing for preparation.

How to Overcome:

Here is how to overcome the mistakes that come in your way and stop you from success.

  1. You must have to make a timetable.
  2. Divide your topics into days and weeks.
  3. Prepare all the topics according to your syllabus.
  4. Make a schedule for your study, dinner, games, etc.


  1. Distractions

We are surrounded by technology and diversions today. We have too many distractions available to us. Smartphones, social media, and television are the means through which students become distracted. While studying, students continuously use their mobiles and scroll through social media. They found new things that divert their minds. This is another trait by which students fail in their exams. They do not give the proper attention to their studies.

How to Overcome:

Follow the points to keep yourself away from distractions while studying.

  1. Make your mindset for the study.
  2. Find a place that is peaceful for you.
  3. Dividing large tasks into manageable parts.
  4. Do not use mobile phones while studying.
  5. Find the environment where there is no noise.
  6. Before sitting for the study, clean up your workspace.
  7. Reward your achievements by yourself.
  8. Honor your successes by yourself.
  9. Read out loud.
  10. Do not go anywhere until you complete your topic.
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These are the strategies that will help you to stay away from distractions.

Idleness is one of the major causes of the failure of students even if they study hard. If you are an idle student, you cannot fulfill your tasks properly. You can leave them in the middle. An idle student bunk their classes. They find it difficult to take the lecture. This is the way students fail in their multan board result 2022 10th class.  

How to Overcome:

You can find the solution here to overcome the idleness in yourself.

  1. Make yourself ready to do the task at any time.
  2. Stay away from Distractions.
  3. Make a proper schedule for the study.
  4. Maintain a Daily Scheduled Time for Studying.
  5. Take a break after 3 hours of study.
  6. Set your goal.
  7. Get help from others if you find difficulty.

These strategies will help you to avoid idleness.

  1. Lack of Interest.

Students who do not have an interest in their subjects or field fail in their annual exams. Most of the students get low marks in their Lahore board result 2022 10th class due to not giving proper attention. The students who appeared in the matric exams, cannot make a decision on which field to choose, and what will be the best field for them. This becomes the reason for their failure. When the exams come, they cannot understand the topics and cannot get help from anyone.

How to Overcome:

Here we have mentioned the points through which students can make their interest in their studies.

  1. Find out the cause of your delay.
  2. Divide your syllabus for study.
  3. Give yourself proper time for sleep.
  4. Establish a study schedule.
  5. Be clear in your thinking about why you want to do well in school.
  6. Think twice before choosing your field.
  7. Get help from others.
  8. Hire some tutors and give a test regularly.
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  1. Excessive Engagement

Many students are involved in numberless activities. They cannot give time to their studies. This may indicate that you have little free time for research. This kind of circumstance could make you feel worn out and reluctant to study.

In this way, they become tired and unable to manage their time for study. Our body needs rest after doing too many things. If you could not give time to your body for rest, you may fall.

How to Overcome:

Follow the mentioned points that will help you while studying.

  1. Manage your time for the activities.
  2. Cut down your activities.
  3. Research on your study.
  4. If you find the extra time, give it to your study.
  5. Improve your flaws by taking extra periods.

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