Why Are Electric Skateboards So Expensive

Electric skateboards are getting more popular, however they aren’t cheap. Why are skateboards made of electric priced so high?  wowgoboard’ll examine the reasons for the pricey prices of electric skateboards along with some advice for getting the cheapest one.

What Does It Cost To Charge For An Electronic Skateboard?

On average, charging your electric skateboard fully costs you anywhere from 1 – 20 cents (US cents) for electricity use. Based upon the capacity of your skateboard’s battery and the electricity cost. Electric skateboards usually are equipped with 90 to 500Wh (Watt-hour) capacity battery. 

The US the average residential customer’s electricity bill is 12 cents. In Australia 35 cents In the UK around 18 cents, for Canada 10 cents. In Europe the cost average is 22 cents while the price in Sing pour it is around 23 cents. (The the currency that I was using was USD, US dollar)

Note that my analysis of electricity prices doesn’t take into take into account the fact that the prices differ significantly across countries. For instance that a US dollar can go more for products and services in affordable India and will be much more expensive in more expensive Australia.

What Makes Skateboards Made From Electricity So Expensive?

Many people are stunned when they learn about the price for electric skateboards. They believe that electric skateboards fit in the same price range as traditional long boards. What’s the cause behind why wowgoboard electric skateboards are so expensive?

Electronic components are among the most costly components in the electronic circuit board. Li-ion batteries as a whole can cost upwards of $100, and the motor won’t cost much neither. In addition, you must include other components like remote controller, ESC (receiver and computer) as well as other wiring. 

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How Much Will It Cost Me To Make An Electric Skateboard From Scratch?

You can purchase an electric skateboard kit DIY kit to make an electric skateboard of your own however; it might not be as affordable as you thought.

The cost of self-assembled electric skateboard esc ranges between $300-$1,000. This price range falls within the of a typical purchase of assembled skateboards.

If you’re looking doing it yourself and save some money it could be a good option. If you’re just looking to get an electric skateboard that could be used to ride in the park, it’s not an ideal choice.


As you will see, there are various factors which affect the price an electric skateboard will cost. You must decide what you will do with your skateboard. The first step is to determine the amount you can afford. Prices range from $30 and up to 3000 dollars for skateboards with electric motors and you’ll find excellent ones in every price range of the class.

Here’s the link to a fantastic comparability chart of every single board available. It is possible to evaluate boards using many different characteristics, such as the price, the date of manufacture and company and speed, range and weight, as well as whether it’s certified for battery power, water warranties, and much more. Wowgoboard‘re confident that you’ll find the perfect board within the budget you’re able to manage!


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