How To Get Wholesale Hair Extensions And Resell With Huge Profit?

Clip-in, sew-in, and tape-in hair extensions

Clip-in, sew-in, and tape-in hair extensions

Due to the high demand, buying human hair extensions in bulk and reselling them is an appealing option for many people looking to start a business. Almost anyone can enter the multibillion-dollar hair industry!

However, few people understand how to correctly establish a wholesale and resale business, resulting in massive losses. So, whether you want to buy and sell clip-in, weave, wigs, or tape-in hair extensions, this post will act as a tool for finding wholesale human hair extensions to purchase and resell for a considerable profit.

Essential Factors To Consider Before Buying Hair Extensions In Bulk

Wholesale sew-in human hair extensions
Wholesale sew-in human hair extensions

When purchasing wholesale ponytail extensions wrap around, clip-ins, and bundles, there are a number of factors to consider. The three most important concerns to address immediately are learning how to evaluate hair quality, researching and comparing bulk prices, and locating a trustworthy wholesale hair manufacturer distributor.

Once you understand these three factors, buying wholesale hair extensions and reselling them will be a piece of cake!

Evaluating The Quality Of Wholesale Human Hair Extensions

A variety of tape-in hair extensions
A variety of tape-in hair extensions

When it comes to the quality of human hair extensions, you should focus on three critical aspects:

The Source Of The Hair

The critical aspect influencing the grade of hair extensions is the origin of the hair. It is much more important for a bulk order of tape-in, bundles, and clip-in hair extensions because it is usually more challenging to inspect and ensure such a large number of hair has the same grade.

  • First, you need to know if the hair is synthetic or human. If they are synthetic, you should be mindful that the quality won’t be up to par. Since they are man-made, there won’t be cuticles either. With chemical treatments, synthetic extensions will look appealing; however, they will degrade after a few washes.
  • Next, If the wholesale hair is human hair, you must specify whether they are virgin, Remy, or non-Remy hair, as well as the level of quality. Since each type and quality has unique features, it’s best to deal with the manufacturer directly and test a sample to eliminate deception. It is essential to ensure that your subsequent resale goes well.

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The Lifespan Of The Wholesale Hair Extensions

Whether you’re buying whole clip-in, ponytail, or tape-in hair extensions, the lifespan of these extensions will impact your resell.

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Before purchasing any hair in bulk, we advise that you inquire with the manufacturers or wholesale vendors about their genuine lifespan and how to extend the life of the hair extensions. It is ideal to purchase hair that’s both lasting and easy to care for, such as virgin hair. Compared to non-virgin hair extensions, reselling virgin hair yields enormous profits due to the high demand for this type of hair in the market.

The Versatility Of The Wholesale Hair Extensions

Versatility is one of the biggest concerns for customers. That’s why you must keep this in mind when evaluating the quality of your tape-in or sew-in human hair extensions, regardless of the texture.

Comparing Wholesale Hair Extension Prices

Compare the prices of wholesale straight ponytail hair extensions
Compare the prices of wholesale straight ponytail hair extensions

 You profit from the disparity between your importing and selling markups as a wholesale hair reseller. As a result, you must carefully review the pricing lists of numerous hair in bulk manufacturers ahead of time to ensure that you get the best hair at the lowest price to maximize your earnings.

Pro Tip: One thing to keep in mind while comparing prices is to use pricing lists for the same amount of hair and the same unit currency. As a consequence, you can make relatively brief observations and more readily assess. For example, if you compare prices for clip-in hair extensions, ensure that the length, texture, and currency are the same. The same applies to ponytail hair extensions, frontals, wigs, etc.

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Locating And Finding Reliable Distributors

Finding reliable distributors
Finding reliable distributors

 Knowing how to locate reputable hair in bulk wholesalers is as essential as verifying hair quality and pricing. Here are some ways to find trustworthy and reliable hair distributors before buying wholesale hair.

  1. Using existing contacts to find wholesale extensions: This is the most secure method if you have a connection with someone who has collaborated with a particular wholesale hair extension distributor. You can solicit their opinions before importing wholesale hair extensions. With this approach, you’ll have one or more wholesale hair extension suppliers willing to collaborate based on quality and pricing.
  2. You can find several wholesale hair distributors across social media platforms. Connecting with them through social media is one of the most appropriate alternatives when you are starting from the ground. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are the 3 most popular platforms for distributors.
  3. Look for wholesale hair suppliers on sites and forums that evaluate manufacturing/trading firms specializing in wholesale human hair extensions worldwide.
  4. Once you find a couple of leads, set up an appointment to visit the manufacturing outlet to check the quality and credibility in real-time, you can also make sample orders.
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How To Resell Wholesale Hair Extensions?

Sew-in human hair extensions in different textures
Sew-in human hair extensions in different textures

Once you have acquired wholesale tape-in, sew-in, clip-in extensions, and bundles, the next thing to do is resell them for a considerable profit.

For starters, you can resell your extensions through an e-commerce website, auction sites, marketplace pages, advertising on classified sites, and social media platforms. Online shoppers rely on appealing images of the items and precise information. For a satisfying transaction, offer payment alternatives that are simple to use.

Use all of the resources at your disposal to promote your business. Generate excitement in your company, for example, by providing announcements about new products on social media, websites, newsgroups, and newsletters.

Distribute posters, place classified ads in local publications, and drop off brochures at nearby salons. Developing partnerships with hair salons are a great way to resell your virgin hair extensions for a more significant and consistent profit.


As mentioned earlier, buying wholesale extensions and reselling them is becoming a popular option, especially among those looking to start a business. So, use the above information to get bulk hair and resell them for a huge profit.  You can also open a salon and carry your wholesale sew-in human hair extensions, tape-ins, and clip-ins, and add other popular brands like Halo Couture which is a salon-exclusive distributor. This way you can make double the profit!


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