‘Who the hell am I tipping?’: Customer roasts iPad tipping option while at Crumbl Cookies, sparking debate

These cookies that blow your mind can raise the baked good to a new level.

A customer was unhappy with Crumbl Cookies for having an iPad tipping option, which has people in the comments debated about whether it’s appropriate to give an amount.

The video, which plays the tune of “This piece of crap has lost her mind and rabid,” has over 863,000 views. The TikToker of the account, @biggBlackPuffa, is able to pan all around Crumbl Cookie location while an iPad in front asks users be left with a 15 20 or 25% tip.

“Who am I giving my money to?” the text overlay asks.

The TikToker also mocks a term frequently used by workers, with its caption that “Its simply going to ask you questions.”

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Others supported tipping employees similar to these and said that the prompt for tipping at a place of business is not something to complain about.

“I often hear people complaining about this, but is it really that difficult to simply hit a no-tip and continue to your next chapter?” a commenter wrote.

“The salaried workers who need a decent salary,” another said, asking the TikToker to give a tip.

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“I was employed at Crumbl and, believe me when I say that it’s one of the places where workers really need to be paid,” a third claimed.

According to an article on Indeed, a former employee claimed that tips made the job a bit more worthwhile. “It was extremely fast-paced because the store was crowded all the time, but it also meant that we earned reasonable tips” said the reviewer. As per Indeed the average wage for an Crumbl Cookies worker in the U.S. is just under $13. Many reviews show that workers are in charge of making and decorating cookies.

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These cookies that blow your mind can raise the baked good to a new level.

Two cousins, one dream

Sawyer Hemsley and his cousin, Jason McGowan, became obsessed with the creation of the world’s most delicious choc chip cookie. They jumped into baking, testing and tasting and contacting random people at gas stations in the area and supermarkets to taste their cookies. They reduced their ingredients by tasting two cookies one after the other and then asking them what they enjoyed the most. Sawyer Jason and Jason continued to refine the ingredients and baking techniques until they finally have come up with what they consider to be the world’s most delicious choc chip cookie.

Mortar and brick

After the duo of cousins was content that they had in fact, made the most delicious cookie ever They decided to open their first shop located in Logan, Utah in 2017. The store had an open kitchen where customers could see the cookies being mixed then baked, balled and then packaged in their famous pink packaging. Crumbl has since expanded to include 200 franchise bakeries across 32 states across the country.

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Menu rotation

As the company expanded as did their cookie flavor selections. Popular flavors like chilled pink sugar cookies red velvet, banana cream pie were added to the chocolate chip classic. There’s an daily rotating menu with a variety of unique and delicious dishes such as key lime pie lemon poppy seeds mallow sandwiches and even peaches and cream. If you don’t think these delicious treats are enough to satisfy your craving for sweets then you can try adding some Crumbl Cream to your cookie (yes they do offer their own Ice Cream obviously). Sea salt toffee or hot chocolate can elevate your dessert concept in the way you think of it into a new dimension.

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Locals can now have a experience of Tiktok popular gourmet treats at their new store at 707 N. MacArthur Boulevard. Suite 140. Since its inception just two years ago Crumbl Cookies now has numerous stores across the country. After introducing the products on Tiktok and receiving more than two million views on their videos and videos, the business was able to draw masses of customers, and with good reason. The cookies taste just as delicious, if not more as they look.

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The bakery has a broad selection of cookies with different flavors that change every Monday. A few of the varieties available are Cinnamon Fry Bread Raspberry Lemonade, Chocolate Cake and Oatmeal with Rolo. Alongside their daily rotating menu two of their flavor options, Milk Chocolate Chip and Classic Sugar, stay available to their customers all months.

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Have you heard about Crumbl Cookies?

I’m sure you’ve heard of it! The delicious gourmet bakeries for cookies are appearing all over the area, but our family never been to one! We went to Norterra’s Crumbl Cookie in Norterra on our first visit, and my children were thrilled. Ordering is simple. You enter and you’ll find simple kiosks to order or place an order with the helpful staff! (Note that there are no tables or chairs , so you’ll need to take cookies to take home!).

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Every week is a different variety of cookies with unique flavors. We were lucky enough to be with an idea for breakfast! Naturally we had to eat breakfast in our jammies and bed! Funny story of parenting when we returned home with cookies (do you remember how difficult it was not to eat cookies in the car?) and put them out on the counter. I needed to change baby’s diaper, and told the fellow boys to hold off for cookies and that we’d be back in the next few minutes! After changing the baby, then went to get the cookies and then they vanished! I was a little worried because I was sure what had happened to them…I discovered that our child was eating cookies inside his bedroom. The smell was so delicious, I thought he was just unable to wait!

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We tried:

The Old Fashioned Doughnut – A warm cake cookie that is flavored with vanilla, butter, and spice and finished with a smooth glaze.

Cereal Milk Sandwich Cereal Milk Sandwich. PEBBLES(r)Cereal Two sugar cookies chilled and rolled into Fruity PEBBLES(r) and sandwiched between the sandwich with a Fruity PEBBLES Cereal milk mousse.

Banana Bread – A warm banana cookie that has hints of vanilla, and topped with cream cheese glaze and a generous amount of brown sugar crunch.

Waffle is a thick waffle cookie drenched in rich maple syrup , and then finished with a dollop dulcet buttercream frosting.

Alongside the weekly selection, they also have the milk chocolate chip as well as sugar cookies that are classic. We tasted them all, and my personal favorite was the banana bread. Both our boys picked that Fruity Pebbles one! However, I believe the waffle version was the best!

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Perhaps it’s because my baking abilities are not great, and we don’t purchase lots of cookies but these are the most amazing cookies we’ve enjoyed! They were massive (perfect to share! ) Warm, cozy and delicious. They melted into your mouth. My children are obsessed (I’m sure it’s sugar-talking) and we’re considering of making it a regular dessert at our home. My cousin informed me that her family receives a box that contains new flavors every week, and they divide them up and then rank every cookie! This is a wonderful tradition!



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