Who is Divine Compere? What happened that night on which Elaine park disappeared

Divine compere is a finance manager. He is 26 years of age and he was brought into the world in Miami Florida. His moniker is Div, his dad’s name is Shakim compere (co-proprietor of flavor unit Entertainment with Latifah ). this organization was established in 1995. His dad is a popular and notable finance manager and he marked a major agreement in 2013 with Netflix. His better half’s name is Elain park. Just a short presentation of the heavenly is available on Internet, his experience was not examined exhaustively.

Who is Elaine park?

Elaine park was the sweetheart of heavenly compere. She was brought into the world on September 24, 1996. Her folks got separated and she lived with her mom. Her mom’s name is Susan park. She was exceptionally renowned among her fans. Be that as it may, at some point, she vanished out of nowhere. She was an extraordinary entertainer, a motivation for some youths and assumed part in basic TV shows and in films too. At the point when she got missed she was 20 years of age. She disappeared on January 28, 2017. However, no news had been gotten at this point that what was occurred with her. Her level was very nearly 5 feet and 5 inches. She had straight and long earthy colored hair. Furthermore, the shade of her eyes was additionally brown. Her family attempted a great deal to see as her, however they get no data about her yet. The night she vanished that evening she was with her sweetheart (divine compere ). So everybody thought divine was behind her vanishing however that was not the truth.

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What happened that night on which Elaine disappeared:

Divine compere and Elaine’s mom sent an excessive number of messages to her yet she didn’t answer to them. Elaine’s mom ended up being exceptionally upset and she went to the police for help. Yet, that’s what the police said “she isn’t a youngster when her resentment dies down she will get back home without help from anyone else” yet it didn’t work out, nothing is had some significant awareness of Elaine at this point.

Who Is Divine Compere Son Of His Father Shakim Compere?

Divine Compere is remarkable by his dad, Shakim Compere, a notable financial specialist. He is known to be in his mid-20s in the current day.

He experienced childhood in an extravagant life, with his father being the co-proprietor of Flavor Unit Entertainment. He drew the public’s advantage by having a close connection with Elaine Park, who is as yet absent
Despite the fact that he got named as a suspect then, at that point, the officials excused him from the rundown after his and his family’s full collaboration.

Divine, frequently known by his name Div, was invited to the world by his mom, Queen Latifah, and father, Shakim Compere. He is by all accounts avoiding the media light in the current day.

He has remained low-profile in his own life however at that point came to streak with his better half’s vanishing.

Accuse of making Elaine park disappear:

Everybody said that heavenly compere was behind the abducting of elaine park, however this was not the situation. He was guiltless however nobody was trusting him. Due to the conditions around then, it appeared to be that Divine was capable. However, no great explanation behind her vanishing everybody was simply speculating that what might occur.

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Divine’s effort to find elaine:

He attempted a great deal and thoroughly help out the police to track down Elaine. Yet, no news was found about elaine just that vehicle was found in which she went out. The vehicle was found a ways off of very nearly a little ways from heavenly’s home.

Divine compere on Facebook:

Divine post on Fb “help find elaine park”. He asked his friends to help him in finding her. Susan park has fixed a prize of $40,000 for the person who will find Elaine park.

The total salary of divine compere?

As per a gauge absolute compensation of heavenly compere are nearly $4,00,000 each year and nearly $32,000 each month. In any case, if you need to realize his week by week pay then, at that point, it’s nearly $8000. What’s more, he nearly procures $1140 each day.


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