Which action camera body mount are best?

The most suitable body mount for action cameras to use for outdoor recreation activities

The most suitable body mount for action cameras to use for outdoor recreation activities

Action cameras are excellent cameras for recording thrilling activities or creating the perfect holiday footage However, when there’s many things to view and do you won’t necessarily need to keep one hand busy with the camera.

This is the reason why the body mount for an action camera is useful, since it holds the camera in its position while filming and letting you enjoy yourself. If you’re looking for the Hollywood kind of shooting then this Stuntman 360 shoulder mount is the perfect option for you.

Things to consider before you purchase an Action camera body mount for your camera

The camera is compatible for your Action Camera Body Mount

There are a variety of action camera mounts that you can choose from and the most important aspect is compatibility. The cases for protection of action cameras vary in terms of size and form It is essential to determine if they are able to be attached on the mounting. The majority of cameras utilize the GoPro system of bolts and slots, which means it won’t be a huge problem. You should also consider whether you wish to record with your phone There are special body mounts designed for that.


The activities that you’ll film

Action cameras can be used for filming all kinds of activities. However, in the event that you do not possess the proper mounting device for your body, then you could be unable to capture any footage even. If, for instance, you intend to film underwater it is important to ensure the body mount is set to shoot straight ahead or on the sea floor. A wrist mount during swimming isn’t a good option.

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Action camera kit vs. body mount

If you don’t have a specific body mount, you may be thinking about an entire kit of action cameras instead. There is usually no cost difference between a body mount and a complete kit, which makes it better cost-effective. The kits typically consist of the head, body and wrist mount, attaching accessories and a vehicle suction cup.

What are the qualities to be looking for in a good body mount for action cameras?

Secure buckles, clips, and straps

The camera is usually attached to the mounting system using bolts and nuts, but the entire mechanism needs to be securely secured to your body. The majority of mounts utilize clips and buckles, making them ideal for filming exciting events like horse riding or motorcycles. Some mounts might make use of a string of Velcro straps that can be adjusted, but they are not as durable as clips.

Versatility to take on more opportunities

The body-mounted camera is ideal for recording what’s happening around you, however sometimes you’ll want to change the angle of your camera. A simple body mount may not be able to accommodate this, however a top-quality mount can. By adjusting the length of the strap it is possible to alter where the mount will fit to your body. This gives you an entirely different perspective for filming.


Durable construction materials

What you do not need when you’re ripping down the hills is the body mount of yours to fail due to poor materials. While sturdy buckles, clips and straps are crucial to ensure the mount stays in place, the camera must to remain in place too. A quality body mount should include durable and robust components where the camera is placed. The majority of them are made of hard plastic, while other might include metal components.

What is the amount you can be expecting to spend for an Action Camera body mount

The body mounts for action cameras are reasonably priced and chest harnesses are available for less than $10. Body mounts that position the camera in an unorthodox place generally will cost more, ranging from between $20 and $50.

Action camera body mount FAQ

Are you able to attach a body mount to an animal?

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There are a few alternatives, however, they’re usually only for dogs. Certain manufacturers offer harnesses specifically designed for dogs that are great for those who want to know what your dog does and their viewpoint. It’s not advised to use a harness for cats.

Do you have the ability to charge an action cam when it’s mounted?


In the majority of instances, this isn’t likely. Because of the design of the camera’s exterior case and mount, there isn’t an opening that can expose to the port for charging.

What’s the most effective body mount for action cameras to purchase?

Top action camera body mount

The information you require:

Camera mounts are the ideal accessories to provide your videos that Hollywood and over-the-shoulder look.

What you’ll enjoy:

The mount is extremely adaptable and can be used to film over the shoulder, but many other angles as well. By using the buckle and clip system, you can alter the angle that the mount is init can be positioned around your waist, chest or even your face to the back. It’s compatible with most action cameras.

You should think about:

It’s more expensive than the other body mounts, and it may not be suitable ideal for everyone.

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The information you require:

The chest mounting is all one you’ll require to ensure that your camera is in place and pointed forward.

You’ll be delighted:

With a simple clip and buckle system, this harness puts your camera on the middle on your back. The waist straps can be adjusted to the maximal of 67 inches and the shoulder straps can be adjusted from 54 to 67 inches. It is made to work with GoPro as well as Apeman cameras. It includes a thumbscrew as well as J-hook.

Things to consider:

There’s no padding in the straps. This may cause irritation if you fasten it too tight.

The most suitable body mount for action cameras to use for outdoor recreation activities

There are plenty of things to do in the outside of our homes such as on a bike ride, hike with buddies, go for a light jog or running to boost our health and breathe in at the crisp air of the outdoors, take pleasure by the splendor of the outdoors or take a picnic. The people can enjoy the most the outdoors by carrying cameras with them to capture photographs, and to capture beautiful pictures, to capture memories.

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Of course, for the things that people do outside, using hands and arms is necessary. The freedom of movement of hands lets us take advantage of what we can do outdoors. In order to take advantage of these things and at the simultaneously take beautiful photos all we require would be an body-mounted action camera. With it, we are able to capture stunning photos or clear videos while we balance the handlebar of our bike or cook a barbecue at the picnic area, film while walking or running across the ridges on an enchanting natural mountain slope.


Most often the bodies camera mountings tend to be placed in the middle of the chest or shoulders with the strap. They can be very useful for allowing one to carry out your actions while at the while taking pictures and videos of the most enjoyable moments of the actions.


There are numerous camera mounts available in case you are looking to purchase one. It is possible to purchase it in person or on the internet. If you are looking for online inventories available Here are the top camera mounts you can pick from:

Stuntman Pack Mount Stuntman Backpack Strap GoPro and other Action Cameras

This body mount for action cameras can be used as an GoPro backpack mount. This allows you to place your GoPro camera on either the right or left shoulder straps on your backpack. Thanks to the ball joints design it is possible to position your camera in any direction you wish. You can alter, and also the location of the camera, either at the chest or neck-side of the backpack strap with the aid of the straps that are non-slip and paired by a VELCRO hooks and loops fasteners to ensure a secure fitting.

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GoPro Performance Phone Chest Mount (All GoPro Cameras)

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This is the body camera mount which is the official one that is compatible with the majority of GoPro cameras. It’s padding and breathable fabrics to make sure you are comfortable while your activities. It’s light too it’s possible to forget even wearing it. This camera mount for your body is equipped with the quick-release buckle, which can be easily adjusted to various body types.


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