There are many gemstones that are there and you can wear the one that suits  your horoscope.  The point is, when you can boost your life and get your yourself good results by wearing a right gemstone, you must not hesitate. 

Now, have you ever heard about Red Coral gemstone or even Lal Moonga ?  Well, it is quite popularly worn gemstone. Contrary to other types of gemstones that are found on Earth crust, this gemstone is the one that is found naturally in the dark areas of deep Sea.  Of course, you can find the purest and most authentic red coral gemstone at Khannagems and ensure you wear the perfect one.

Actually , this Red Moonga gemstone is bushes that are actually leafless having intermeshed sharp spicules of hard Calcium Carbonate. These are quite jellylike marine animals known as Polyps, though they look like colourful underwater plants. Red Corals are somewhat organic, natural gemstones that are skeletons of actually the individual Polyps that are put together. The Pagadam or Red Coral properties encompass its characteristic of being hard , durable and its penetrating Red or Pink shade.

Red Coral Meaning as per Astrology:

In the realm of Vedic astrology, Red Coral Gemstone or even Lal Moonga is linked with planet Mars. It is considered to invalidate malefic effects of Mars or even Mangal Graha and is believed to please Him. Mars is actually the God of war, vitality, energy, courage and the commander-in-chief of the meeting of the Nine Planets.  The shining Red colour of Mars is the sign of blood as well as perseverance in the realm of human life. He is called  Angarak and even the Son of the Earth.  Because of its closeness to Earth.

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Astrological perks of red coral 

A person with poorly placed Mars in the Kundli or Horoscope could experience or face various problems like aggressive and irritable attitude, debt, boost in expenditure, lack of stability, extreme back pain, impotency, weakness, discord and unhappiness in a marital relationship. It even includes health issues related to bones , blood, and pregnancy.

 Here, wearing Red Coral gemstone helps alleviate the malevolent effects of Mars. To get the utmost possible positive astrological benefits. It is wise if you consult a qualified Astrologer and get it from a reputed place. The point is you need to be sure that you are wearing a gemstone that is of pure quality and without any type of harms or damages.

Remember that as per the Hindu mythology, this gemstone is worn to please the planet Mars (known as even Mangal). It is advantageous for people having zodiac signs Aries and even Scorpio. The shining red planet Mars is called the leader of the planets in the realm of solar system. Hence, the stone actually includes the traits of a leader and imparts the same into the ones who wear it.

Quick perks of red coral 

Red coral is a precious and gorgeous looking gemstone that offers many perks to the wearers. However, make sure that the gemstone is compatible with your horoscope.  

Gets the wearer victory 

When you wear this stunning looking gemstone, it is going to keep you two steps ahead of your competitors and even enemies. You are going to win at everything you do and even excel in your profession like never before. 

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Positive vibes 

It is something that spreads positivity. First up, a red coral will definitely make you active and even second, it is going to wipe off all the negativity from your setting and surroundings. The point is simple, if you feel that you have a negative mindset and you always feel negative then you must wear this gemstone. It would eliminate all the negativity from your life and you may have a positive view point towards life.

Mental issues 

It is something that takes away all mental issues. Whether it is related to depression, anxiety, even stress, or confusion, red coral is going to definitely wipe it all away from your world and life. Hence, point is with this gemstone you are going to experience a lot of peace of mind and even contentment in your life. Of course, when your mind is keeping calm, you can be better at everything you do.

You get fearless 

Yes, this is one gemstone that can help you with your fear. If you feel that you have fears in life and they are getting on your nerves then you should consider wearing this gemstone.  The point is once you wear red coral, you would find you are doing well at everything without even getting fearful.  This gemstone will definitely make you absolutely fearless. You will not shrink away from anything and you might even take risks that you might not have taken in the past.

A boost in your reputation 

Well, once you wear this gemstone, it improves the social reputation  for sure. You will turn out to be so positive and so full of ideas that folks are going to start believing in you. They are going to come to you to get their issues resolved and may take your word even as a command. The point is you would find a rise in your social status, power and existence.

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Experience healing in your life 

Wearing pure red coral not simply improves mental health, it is even an amazing gemstone that might help with skin problems. It is even believed that moonga can heal wounds as well as cuts and offer pure blood purification. 

Manage your anger well 

If you feel that your anger is ruining everything in your life then relax. Once you wear this gemstone, it might help you with this. Red coral is the finest possible gemstone for your temper issues. It simply calms down the unkind effects of Mars that might make you a much calmer person.


To sum up, since you know much about the perks of red coral or moonga gemstone, make sure you wear it if it fits well with your horoscope. You can consult Mr. Pankaj Khanna before you get your gemstone. His more than sixteen years of experience helps you make a right move.

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