There are many options for the matric students to choose the subject according to their own choice. Some students choose Science, some choose arts while the other choose humanities. The thing is that when you select a subject for yourself, you must put an effort into that subject. If you want to succeed in the annual exam result then you have to be efficient in your studies.

Central Board of Secondary Education


Students who enroll in science subjects like biology, chemistry, and physics have to study hard. Science subjects need much effort to pass in the result. Those who get low marks less than 50 % in the science subject, should repeat the subject.

Most of the students get low marks in science subjects and lose hope to study further. They have many dreams that do not be fulfilled.

  • Strategies to Cope with Bad Result in Science Subjects.

Students of matric should not lose hope if they get low marks and could not succeed in science subjects. Here we have mentioned some of the strategies for the students that they can adopt to cope with their situation.

  1. Keep your hope alive.
  2. Evaluate your options
  3. Reappear in the exams.
  4. Enroll in desired field diploma
  5. Have an ambition.
  • Keep your Hope Alive.

The first thing is that you must have to boost up your hope. Do not think that this is the last option for you. Remember there is much that you can do. Having hope is essential. If you get low grades and could not succeed in your annual exam result then keep in mind that you can do much better in the future. Keeping hope alive paves the way for you to make yourself strong. You must have enough confidence in yourself. When the situation is not in your favor and everything seems to be negative, try to get rid of this negativity. This is the way through which you can easily overcome

  • Evaluate your Options
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After getting low marks in the result of 10th class 2022 first of all ask yourself why you get low grades.  Was there anything that you did not prepare well? Find out the reason why you get bad scores. Evaluate your mistakes.

Knowing exactly where things went wrong will help you to address the matter and foresee your possibilities. It is essential for every student to find out their mistakes. When you get to know where you are wrong, you can try to overcome it.

  • Reappear in the Exams.

Matric students who get their SSC Result and fail in the science subjects or get low marks can reappear in the exams after 40 days. This is the best option for you to score better. Many students apply for supplementary exams. If you want to do further studies in the science subjects then try to make a good percentage. The supplementary exams are being offered after 40 days or you can apply next year. Those who stick to the point to achieve success can easily get good grades.

  • Enroll in Desired Field Diploma

Students who are unable to get the highest scores after matric Result announcement and do not want to do further studies in science subjects can enroll in some other field.  You can do a diploma in your desired field. There are numerous fields available for you after matric. So getting low marks does not mean that you cannot do anything.

  • Have an Ambition.

Ambition is really important in achieving your goal. When you have an ambition for something, it can lead you to success. With ambition, you can put in a lot of effort in the field you want to continue. So, students who select science subjects must have the ambition to achieve good percentages. When you make an aim, you can make an effort and struggle to achieve it.

  • Conclusion:
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Receiving poor grades does not mean that all opportunities for achievement are closed to you. You can exert greater effort and succeed in your future endeavors. Your worth is not determined by your academic record. Discover your innate skill and apply it to advance your future. You still have plenty of options to succeed. Never give up, at all costs.

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