Silk is a delicate, lustrous, and beautiful fabric perfect for silk bedding, silk pillowcases, silk eye masks, and other home furnishings. Being one of the most high-valued and luxurious fabrics, silk gives you heavenly comfort. 

Everyone adores silk for its shine, resilience, softness, and health benefits. Silk’s elegance and gleaming texture make it an excellent choice for producing high-end silk sheets

Silk bed sheets and silk pillowcases are an excellent pair to have a sound & refreshing sleep. You may be resting on the silk bedding, but are you aware of the factors that affect its durability? This article is a helpful guide to acquaint you with the factors degrading the quality and durability of your silk bedding. 

Factors Affecting the Durability of Silk 

Here are a few factors that fade the charm of your silk sheets:

  • Sun exposure

Silk is highly susceptible to damage from sun exposure. If you keep the silk bedding out under the sun for a long time, it may debilitate the silk fibres, which results in tearing and fading. These issues may primarily be in low-quality silk bedding. To combat these problems, you can opt for 22 momme pure Mulberry Silk bedding as it retains its natural colour and softness comparatively for a long. 

  • Pets in your bed

If you have pets at home, you treat them as a part of your family. You love playing with your little friend in your room or bed. The sharp claws of your playful friend can tear off your expensive silk bed sheets, and it can cut down the life of your silk bedding. To prevent this, you can layer your mattress with an inexpensive comforter and protect your premium silk sheets. 

  • Negligence
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Silk is valued for its delicacy but can be a downside for you. Washing silk bedding with other garments is likely to develop stains that are hard to remove later. Moreover, rolling up the silk bed sheets and silk pillowcases develops creases and makes them look old & worn. It may weaken the weaving of silk strands, making them lose and ineffective in the long term. 

Silk Bedding – An Excellent Choice for Luxury and Comfort! 

Poor quality silk bedding and other accessories may wear out quickly with improper care. Are you fed up with giving extra effort to maintain your bedding? It’s high time to get premium and best silk bed sheets from Mayfairsilk. It is a brand that believes in providing quality while you rejoice in the feel of luxurious comfort. They use pure 22 momme and 25 pure mulberry silk to produce the best silk bed sheets and silk pillowcases. 

For delivering the OEKO-TEK certified 100 silk products and keeping up with the customers’ needs, they have won multiple awards like ‘Bedding Brand of the Year 2022’ and ‘Prestige Awards 2022’, ‘Beauty Awards 2022’, and more. Starting their incredible journey from the UK, Mayfairsilk’s products are now available in premium retail stores in the Middle East and the USA.

To experience the super comfy feel, explore their bedding collection at https://mayfairsilk.com/



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