What Are Custom Pillow Gift Boxes?

Pillow boxes are in trend nowadays. These boxes are elegant and lightweight product packaging boxes.

These boxes are used for the packaging of small items. Pillow boxes are typically in long and curved shapes.

Thus, these boxes became more popular due to their unique shape.

Several brands are using custom pillow gift boxes to get the attention of their customers.

You can use these boxes to make your brand visible.


If you need to enhance the value of your products, you must adopt some unique steps.

And what could be more sophisticated than pillow boxes?


However, you cannot limit yourself here, use the option of custom boxes and make them more creative and attractive.

Custom box providers are flexible, so show your creativity and suggest your ideas.


Top brands find pillow boxes as perfect product packaging.


Although, they are concerned about product impression. However, bad images have a massive impact on sales.  


These custom boxes are designed for special events like New Year, weddings, Christmas, and others.


In short, these boxes are stylish, just like their unique name. Use these boxes to add value to your product.


Essentials Of Pillow Printing Australia





These boxes are in plain brown colour. These plain boxes are standard foam pillow boxes in Australia. But you are free to make them distinctive and professional by printing the logo and name of the brand. Printing makes them more attractive and trendy.    

However, your printing details depend entirely on your targeted audience and product nature.

So, it is recommended to use colours and designs according to the use of boxes. For example, you must follow the sensitivity of occasions and themes of the events.


Windows Kraft Pillow Gift Boxes


These boxes are attractive enough, but the feature of the die-cut window makes them more and more beautiful.

Window base Pillow boxes give a beautiful vision of the inside product due to the window.

Customized die-cut manufacturers provide various styles of windows. These Kraft pillow boxes look more attractive in their first look due to their curved shape.

However, these features are essential to incline your sales.


Good-Quality Custom Pillow Boxes Material


Pillow boxes can be manufactured in different shapes and with other materials. But it is up to you. Cardboard boxes and Kraft boxes are good to get Custom Pillow Gift Boxes.


So, these materials are good enough to save your product. You can even deliver your product safely.


However, these elegant boxes are suitable for gifts,  jewellery, eateries, and other items.  


Application Of Pillow Boxes In Australia


Love Of Cosmetic Industry


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Custom pillow boxes are the love of the cosmetic industry. They are using these boxes in attractive shapes and styles. Cosmetics providers deliver lip balms, mascara, liners, and other products in Custom Pillow gift Boxes.


Pillow Boxes Australia In the Medical And Food Industry


Pillow boxes are secure and durable. That’s why the medical industry is using these boxes with the coating of aluminium sheets.

These are used for medicated soaps, creams, medical instruments, etc.  


Notably, the Food industry is always concerned with the safety of food. These pillow boxes are in use for food packing and food delivery. And these boxes are manufactured according to health standards.

Additionally, these are good for wrapping candies, frozen fruits, dry fruits, sugar, spices, beans, and many other items.


So, these boxes are the best choice. You can use these boxes to make your brand visible if you are a new starter.


Pillow Gift Boxes In Gift Industry


The gift industry is using these boxes to add value to gifts. Custom Pillow boxes are good in appearance. As a result, these boxes will bring smiles to your loved ones. Custom Pillow Gift Boxes are popular in Australia.

People are using these gift boxes for birthday gifts, wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, etc.

In short, you will please your friends if you make them customized with stickers, labels, and ribbons.


Top Most Features Of Customize Wholesale Kraft Pillow Boxes


Made-to-order wholesale is an excellent option to get products at a lower price with full features. You can receive your dreamy packaging.

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Wholesale manufacturers offer discounts on bulk orders of boxes. These boxes have some incredible features. Let’s explore them.




The commonly used material is Kraft paper or cardboard paper for pillow boxes. These boxes are entirely eco-friendly and easy to waste.


Although this material is durable, it is easy to use. Kraft paper is not harmful to the environment.


Affordable Prices


You can get a lot of boxes in several materials from the market. But all materials are not cost-effective. Custom Pillow Gift Boxes are designed according to the requirements; that is why these boxes are precisely according to your budget.


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