What Accessories To Consider When You Buy a New Car ?

Buying a new car is an exciting experience and a milestone for many. What are the important steps after you purchase a new car? Along with buying a new car comes the importance & responsibility of purchasing a car insurance policy. As you know, the Indian government has made it mandatory to get a third-party insurance policy to drive a four-wheeler on roads. 


In addition to protecting the car comes the need for important & essential car accessories that enhance comfort, safety, emergency support, aesthetics, and convenience while driving. 


Let us look at the essential car accessories to consider when you buy a new car:


  1. Car Covers: A lot of people use car covers to keep their cars clean and fresh looking while they’re not using them. These covers are often removable and portable so you can take them along with you wherever you go. There are varieties of car covers we can choose from. Some are designed to only protect your car’s paint job while others offer protection for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This is especially important if you’re likely to park your car in open spaces during the day or even overnight. 
  2. Car seat: A car seat should always be considered before purchasing a vehicle. There are many different types of seats to choose from, including bench seats, bucket seats, convertible seats, booster seats, and boosters. When choosing a car seat, it’s best to go with something that fits well and is comfortable for your child. A good rule of thumb is to get a seat that’s bigger than what they currently use at home.
  3. Car Jump Starter Kits: A jump starter kit is a great tool if you ever find yourself stranded somewhere without access to electricity. When you have a good quality jump starter kit, you’ll never need to worry about running out of power again. You can charge your phone, computer, GPS, camera, or any number of devices with a jump starter kit.
  4. Air Fresheners: Air fresheners come in all shapes and sizes. You can get air fresheners that are small enough to fit inside your glove compartment or even ones that attach to your windshield. If you want something that looks nice and doesn’t smell bad, you should consider getting a window decal. Window decals are stickers that stick right onto your windows and help keep your car smelling fresh while you drive.
  5. Headlights: Headlights are a great accessory for drivers who spend long hours behind the wheel. Whether you want brighter lights or just want to add style to your ride, headlights are a great way to do it. Headlight bulbs last longer than regular bulbs and they’re easier to install.
  6. Tyre Chains: Tyre chains are useful tools for drivers who travel off-road. They prevent your tyres from slipping and sliding around and help you stay safe when driving off-road vehicles. Tyre chains work best on dry surfaces, but they can still work well on wet roads or in snow/ice conditions. 
  7. Floor mats: Floor mats help protect floors from getting dirty. Always make sure the floor mat is securely attached to the floor of your vehicle. Also, carpets are great for protecting floors from scratches and stains. 
  8. Tow rope: A tow rope is helpful if your car breaks down somewhere remote. It will allow you to pull yourself out of the ditch.
  9. Seat protectors/covers: If you’d like your seats to always be protected from spills or everyday dust, seat covers are a great idea. You can also remove and wash them as regularly as you want. 
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Primarily car safety is the most important aspect to consider. However, along with safety comes essential & right accessories to choose from when you buy a new car which include it’s usability, comfort, cleanliness, price & aesthetics. Whatever accessories you do add, ensure it is informed to your insurer as it may constitute a material fact as part of your car insurance plan. 

Car insurance is an agreement between a car owner & the car insurance company. The insurance company provides protection for damages caused to the car due to accidents/natural calamities. In case of any bodily injury to a third party or death or damage to its car the insurance company provides compensation. Thus, car insurance not only protects you but also your family/ other people driving your car. Ensure you balance both comfort and luxury through accessories with security and risk management through insurance.


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