Weekends are the best time to post

Facebook’s worst days are Saturday and Sunday. These days get the lowest engagement. These days, people are taking a break from their work and doing something more fun in real life. They spend less time online.

If you have a small number of fans or a site that isn’t getting much engagement, posting on weekends might be a better option. Your posts will be more prominent if fewer people are posting on weekends. This will result in you driving more engagement click here.

You can start posting on weekdays only or more frequently if your engagement levels are higher.

Saturday is the best time to post on Facebook.

Engagement is low on Saturdays but slightly higher than Sundays. Posting is best between 8 AM and 6 PM. Peak hours are between 9 and 11 AM.

Sunday is the best time to post on Facebook.

On Sunday, 9 AM to 3 PM is the best time for posting on Facebook. This day has no peak. You can post at any time during the times listed.

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How do you find the best time to post?

These studies can be a great starting point. They are not useful for anything else. It can be difficult to predict when your followers will be online or when they would like to interact with your content if you’re starting a new account.

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These are the times when studies such as the above can be very useful. After generating some engagement and growing your following, you need to analyze your account to determine the best time to post.

This can be done in two ways. The first is to use Facebook’s built-in analytics. The other is to use third-party analytics tools.

Facebook’s Insights section will show you when and where your most fans have been online.

These times are great for increasing reach.

An analytics tool such as Agorapulse can help you to choose the most engaging times to post. This will tell you which posts are most popular.

It can also be used as a scheduling tool. You can also add these times to your posting schedule to ensure your posts reach the right times to drive maximum engagement.

When choosing the best time for posting, I prefer to consider engagement. It doesn’t matter how many people view your post. How many people interact and visit your site to convert into leads or sales doesn’t matter.

4 Tips for Increasing Facebook Engagement

While timing your posts can help you see them by more people, engagement will suffer if your posts don’t meet the standards. It is therefore important to put in extra effort to create individual posts. Here are some ways you can achieve this…

More Videos

Images were for a long time more popular than any other type of content. Nowadays, videos dominate Facebook’s feed. This study shows that videos get more engagement than any other post type.

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Videos would be more successful, and it makes sense. Because videos are more interesting than still images, they will draw more attention.

So, create more video content. While creating videos will take more time than creating images, increasing engagement will improve your edge rank and help generate more impressions and leads.

Boost best-performing posts

Facebook marketing is a numbers game. Your audience and your Facebook analytics can help you determine what content works. But you won’t always get it right.

Sometimes you will fail. You will fail sometimes. This will allow you to reach more people and get them to engage with your post.

Follow my tip above and make more videos. You will get more views for your organic videos. Then you can create conversion-focused Facebook video ads and retarget those who watched your videos. This will allow you to see the return on your investment in organic videos quickly.

Use 1 Hashtag Per Post

There is much debate about whether hashtags should be used on Facebook. A study showed that you get the most engagement if you only use one hashtag on Facebook.

Use hashtags but limit it to one per post. Do your research to find the best hashtag. You can only use one hashtag, so you must choose the best one read more.

Write descriptions

While descriptions should be integral to your Facebook posts, you don’t have to write very long ones. Engaging users will be most successful if posts are concise, funny, and easily understood. As I said earlier, hundreds of thousands of posts are published each second. Facebook is filled with distractions. You can make your videos more popular by writing better descriptions.

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Short posts can generate curiosity as readers are likely to find little information. To learn more, people will need to visit your site. This can help increase traffic.

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