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In addition to preparing your children for their future, getting them into primary school is one of the most exciting times in a parent’s life, since they are introduced to the fun parts of life while still young.

There are many superb primary schools in Australia on this list that will provide an excellent education for your kids while also preparing them for their future careers with superior facilities, faculty, and curriculum.

Top 9 Best Primary Schools in Australia

1. Sydney Grammar School (SGS)

There are numerous advanced facilities for students at the school, including smart classrooms, hi-tech science labs, hygienic canteens, medical rooms with highly specialized doctors, and multipurpose sports facilities.

2. St Aloysius’ College

This independent and selective Catholic primary school was founded by Joseph Dalton SJ in 1879 for boys between 3 and 12 years of age. Located in Kirribilli, New South Wales, Australia, it is the oldest independent Catholic boys’ school in New South Wales. This futuristic school covers 14.5 acres of land in the beautiful town, making St Aloysius’ College School one of the best schools in the area. In addition to modern classrooms, science labs, computer rooms, dining areas, sports complexes, and student accommodations, the campus offers a variety of facilities.

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3. Australian International Academy Kellyville

There are a number of extracurricular activities available to students at Australian International Academy Kellyville, including musical groups, football, rugby, tennis, cricket, basketball, fencing, chess, and volleyball.

The playgrounds are vibrant, and there are opportunities for sports, excursions, dance, leadership training, and debating.

4. Presbyterian Ladies’ College

In Burwood, Victoria, Australia, Presbyterian Ladies’ College educates all-girls in an independent day and boarding school founded in 1875. As one of the earliest non-selective independent schools in Australia, PLC is one of the first all-girls schools in the country.

5. Abbotsleigh

It was founded by Marian Clarke on the 20th of July 1885 and is an independent Anglican primary and secondary school for girls. Due to the school’s selective enrollment policy, only students in Year 5 and higher are accepted. As of now, the university has 1,400 enrolled students and less than 264 academic and nonacademic staff. Both the junior and senior campuses of the school have a lot to offer. Music centers, arts centers, canteens, sports facilities, indoor gymnasiums, and a 350-seat auditorium are among their features.

Abbotsleigh is a highly recommended school for kids who want an unforgettable primary and secondary school experience.

6. Camberwell Girls Grammar School

An all-girls primary and secondary school in Melbourne, Victoria, Camberwell Girls Grammar School is named after its location in an eastern suburb. You can rest assured that your daughter is attending a school that is accredited by the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia (AGSA) as an Anglican early learning institution.

7. St Ives North Public School

A government-owned K-6 public school in St Ives, New South Wales, St Ives North Public School was established in 1961.

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Arana, Wambong, Kyeema, and Birubi are four Aboriginal houses, and the school offers extracurricular activities such as chess, cricket, football, soccer, rugby, modal, debate, dance, and robotics, which are run by the Primary Schools Sports Association (PSSA).


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