VRL Logistics Tracking

VRL Logistics Tracking

VRL Logistics Tracking provide the service of shipping your package all over the world. VRL Courier also assists you if you have any questions about packaging and delivery, customs rules and freight protocols. VRL Logistics Tracking  is officially authorized by multinational companies like TNT, FEDEX, DHL, and ARAMEX which are leading in express courier industry to take package/shipment on their behalf. VRL specializes in handling shipments both commercially and by courier.

VRL Logistics Tracking

Services Of VRL Tracking

  1. Air Freight forwarding.
  2. Transportation of Cargo from warehouses of clients.
  3. Consolidation of export Air cargo on behalf of clients.
  4. Handling shipments and providing door-to-door service.

Can’t book these things

  1. Firearms
  2. All dangerous things
  3. corpses, cremated or unwashed remains
  4. Foods/pears (food and beverages that require refrigeration or other environmental controls)
  5. Gambling products
  6. Live and plant
  7. Money

Other VALUE Added Facility

  1. Billing facility.
  2. Check on Delivery facility (COD) facility.
  3. Online proof (POD) facility.
  4. Real-time consignment and vehicle tracking using GPS
  5. customer care facility

Cautions to be noted while booking

  1. You have to write the details of what you are sending before the address.
  2. Recipient’s name.
  3. Enter the house number and name, if yes.
  4. Enter flat or apartment number, floor number and block number, if any.
  5. The name of a street or street or the name of a place or locality.
  6. Name of province, state, department, etc.
  7. Delivery area number or postal code number, if any
  8. The country name to which you want to send the parcel.
  9. The city and country should be written according to the English names.
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  1. Do not cover or overwrite Consignor/Recipient information when booking.
  2. Use only rigid compartments in good condition when booking.
  3. Do not exceed the weight specification of the packaging box(s) used.
  4. Please mention the address of the consignor / consignee in the label on the box at the time of booking
  5. Please use appropriate size boxes as per the weight of the consignment.
  6. Do not tape or wrap the Courier label.


How to register a complaint/problem

If you have any complaint/problem with VRL Courier Parcel Booking, Tracking, Missing Parcel or want to register a complaint regarding services, you can email with full details of your problem and screenshots. can. A VRL Logistics Tracking customer care representative will get in touch with you to help resolve your issue.

How to do parcel tracking on VRL Courier Online?

When you book your mall, VRL Logistics Tracking  gives you a document called Consignment, AWB Number, Courier Number, Lorry Receipt or Goods Receipt, Tracking Number, Docket No. or known by the shipment no..

How to Take Franchisee

In a globalized world, reaching and expanding horizons is the future of any company. VRL Courier is the fastest growing network and the company has established itself as one of the most preferred business partners by many corporates and business associates. If you want to be a part of freight forwarding network then it has immense growth potential in coming years and VRL Courier can be a good choice for you.

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This blog has been written only to give information about VRL Tracking, if you want complete information about the company, then you can take it from the company’s website or customer care. If there is an error in our blog, then comment us so that it can be removed or improved.

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