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ngo volunteer in India

You will get the chance to ngo volunteer in India in government, elementary, and public schools in and around the lovely town of Palampur in Himachal Pradesh, in northern India, as part of the Teaching Volunteer Program in India. Most volunteers work with kids between the ages of 6 and 14. Mathematics, geography, conversational and written English, and general knowledge are among the disciplines that are frequently taught.

Volunteers primarily assist students in learning English by teaching them the language and helping them develop their spoken English and vocabulary. ngo volunteer India discovers that despite English’s prominence and widespread use in India, pupils’ vocabulary and conversational skills fall short of expectations. For students, having strong English language abilities is crucial because it plays a crucial role.

English instruction Without any prior teaching experience or TEFL certification, volunteering in India will provide priceless job experience as a volunteer at a school placement in India. Five days a week, volunteers will educate for about 4-5 hours each day. Volunteers in this program have the option of working alone or with other teachers and volunteers. To make the subject more engaging for the students, volunteers are urged to adopt fresh and creative teaching strategies.

Roles and responsibilities of volunteers

Under the teaching volunteering program in India, typical online volunteering NGO India tasks include;

Aid the teachers in providing the kids with inexpensive instructional resources and entertainment.

Students receive conversational English instruction.

helping with other disciplines, including teaching computers

discussing fresh concepts with the pupils, and getting their opinions on various subjects.

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fostering playfulness and fostering the children’s creativity through art, games, and singing.


We don’t skimp on your living conditions or travel plans. We help you organize and carry out everything in a structured manner, from setting up airport pickups to handling your volunteer placement, placing you at the appropriate volunteer house, and helping you take up weekend travel.

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Airport pickup

A member of the regional coordinating team picks up volunteers at the Gaggal Airport in Dharamsala. There are daily direct flights from Delhi to the airport. Participants who opt to take the bus from Delhi to Palampur will be picked up at the bus stop and transported to the volunteer home base.


Accommodations would be made available to you at our online volunteering NGO India home base in Palampur. The lodging offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains and gives the participants a secure place to live. We offer same-gender dorm-style rooms with adjoining western-style toilets, lockers, TVs, hot water, and internet access at the house, as well as a sizable common space where volunteers can socialize during downtime. The volunteer house features a sizable front and backyard with lovely gardens where the volunteers may unwind and even engage in outdoor games and activities with other volunteers during downtime, including badminton.

Volunteers are welcome to visit Palampur and stroll around the bazaar. Because of the high level of safety in and around Palampur, most volunteers choose to walk to neighboring destinations. Additionally, you can go to Palampur’s stunning tea plantations, temples, and Tashi Jong monastery. Additionally, online volunteering NGO India receives weekly yoga instruction as well as tours of the Palampur market, tea factory, and tea garden.

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