Toronto Airport Taxis and Limos: A Practical Guide

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Whether you live in outside, this guide will help you to commute between the city and Toronto Airport, also known as Pearson Airport.

Most people have already gone to Toronto Airport in taxis to manchester airport or Limo or hired a Taxi or Limo from Pearson Airport or City Airport, also known as Porter Airport. The goal behind writing this brief but practical guide is two-fold:.

To create awareness about various options available to commute between city and Pearson Airport.

To offer tips for hiring a Taxi or a Limo so that you are able to reach safely and in timely manner without spending a fortune.

Most visitors coming to Toronto end up taking a taxi or limo from Toronto Pearson Airport to go to Downtown. Some go to their friends or relatives who live in places other than Downtown. Hence, we will cover the points related to entire city.

This series of articles will also offer tips related to accommodation in Toronto, Air fares and how to get deals, places to visit, events, shows and attractions now on but most important, information about offers and discounts which are legitimately available but not taken advantage of. If one becomes conscious, one can save almost fifty percent of the total cost one incurs in any trip.

To begin with, let’s talk about Toronto Airport transfer from manchester airport and Limos. That is your first need at Pearson Airport once you land. This is valid for those who hire airport taxi to go to Pearson or porter airport.

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There are six most common ways of getting to and from Toronto Airport.

If you are looking for a Taxi or Limo or Mini Van, all of them are available from both terminals.

If you looking to go to Downtown, following information is relevant.

Time Duration: minutes depending upon the time of the day. During rush hour it may take up to 1 hour. Make sure there is enough time, especially if you are going to Toronto Airport. Porter Airport is in downtown and hence it may take depending upon where you are in Downtown.

The cost of hiring a taxi would be in the range depending upon the company plus the tip. If you want to save money, you may explore on internet and you will find that there are some companies willing to offer you a discounted flat rate.

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