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India is known as an agricultural country all over the world. Different types of farming are done in other places in the country. However, most farmers are currently leaving agriculture and are attracted to the industry. The main reason is that farmers do not get much profit from farming. Productive Crop Most of the farmers are still farming in the old traditional way. In modern times, new agricultural machines have been developed, using which good profits can be earned in agriculture. There are many such crops in our country. 

And below you get to know about some rich crops so that by producing them you will become rich. There are many such crops in our country, by cultivating which is productive. The details of these crops are as follows:-

Basil Cultivation

Tulsi is medicinal, and it is a very beneficial plant. Generally, the height of the Tulsi plant is from 30 to 60 cm. You can earn crores of rupees by cultivating Tulsi. For this, both tropical and tropical climates are suitable. This is a plant whose crop never fails, but it is necessary to take care of it. Also, for basil cultivation the Powertrac Euro 60 tractor model is excellent. And it comes in a nominal price range for farmers. 

Mushroom farming

Currently, the demand for mushrooms is very high, and their demand is increasing continuously. Mushroom is such a crop, which can earn 6 times its cost. Unfortunately, it is not being produced according to its demand in the market. Due to this, there is a massive increase in its prices. Mushroom farming can make you a millionaire. However, you need special training to do farming.

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Aloe Vera Cultivation

At present, aloe vera is used in the manufacture of most cosmetics. Apart from this, it is also used as medicine. Therefore, the demand for aloe vera is very high in the market. You can earn a good income by cultivating it. Even the possibilities of increasing its demand in the coming time are very high. Sandy soil is considered very suitable for the cultivation of aloe vera. There are many species of aloe vera found in India, and even it can usually be seen in homes.

Opium Cultivation

The cultivation of opium in India is illegal, and one has to obtain a licence from the government for its cultivation. The cultivation of opium is such cultivation in which the maximum profit is available. By cultivating it, you can become a millionaire in a short time. October and November are considered the most suitable time for opium cultivation. For opium farming Eicher 485 tractor is best due to its work efficiency and affordable price.   

Ashwagandha Cultivation

You can get a good income by cultivating Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is mainly produced in September and October. In India, Ashwagandha is primarily grown in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Various Ayurvedic medicines are made from the seeds and bark of the fruit of Ashwagandha. Therefore, its demand in the market is increasing continuously. It takes about 7 to 8 days for the ashwagandha seed to germinate. Ashwagandha crop is harvested from January to March.

White Musli Cultivation

Cultivation of Safed Musli requires the most labour. However, the income from its cultivation is also excellent. Safed Musli is an Unani and Ayurvedic medicine. Its fruit is grown underground, and seeds are made from the flowers rising above the ground and sold in the market. The demand for Safed Musli is very high in the market. Safed Musli is used to make medicine for cough, jaundice, asthma, haemorrhoids and skin diseases. Black clay soil is considered suitable for its cultivation.

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Cultivation of Spices

The demand for spices is very high in almost all the world’s countries. Despite this, they are produced only in a few selected countries. If you are a farmer and have suitable land for farming, you can become a millionaire by cultivating spices. However, before producing it, you should get complete information about its production (soil, manure, water) etc. Especially herbs include coriander, black pepper, fenugreek, cumin, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, etc.

Teak Cultivation

Teak wood is considered very good in terms of strength. Its wood is mainly used to construct luxurious bungalows, furniture, ships, etc. In the market, a ready-made teak sapling for 12 to 15 months is available for about 200 rupees. You can easily plant 500 to 600 teak plants in 1 acre at a distance of eight to ten feet. Additionally, crops like tur, urad and moong can be produced in the space between these plants. A teak tree becomes ready in about 13 to 15 years. The length of its main stem is about 35 to 40 feet. Its market price is about 3 thousand rupees per cubic foot.

Moreover, the above details are helpful for you. So that you can earn easily. And for more similar blogs stay with us.   

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