Top Abu Dhabi Indian School for your child’s admission

When it comes to great schools in Abu Dhabi, some of the best ones are Indian schools. These are renowned for their high academic standards as well as a very enabling and empowering atmosphere. That is why Abu Dhabi Indian school admission is so highly prized. Let us look at the ones which are the most sought after when it comes to getting your kids admission.

Schools in Abu Dhabi where you should get your child’s Indian school admission

Global Indian International School

Global Indian International School is one of the best international school in Abu Dhabi. It offers classes from the kindergarten to the high school level and follows the much acclaimed Global Montessori Plus and CBSE curricula. The school boasts world-class infrastructure and some of the best teachers anywhere. Run by the globally renowned GIIS group of schools, Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi has a sterling reputation with regard to its students obtaining admission to some of the best colleges and universities in the world.

International Indian School Abu Dhabi

International Indian School Abu Dhabi is one of the best-known Indian schools in the region. It boasts a world-class campus and outstanding faculty. It offers world-class curricula like EYFS and CBSE to its students. The school believes in the all-around development of its students and for that purpose lays as much stress on extracurricular activities as it does on regular studies. It is highly surprising that most parents whose children study at the school have nothing, but the highest praise for it.

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Shining Star International School

This is another one of the highly regarded international schools in Abu Dhabi that offers the CBSE curriculum to its students who are 1800 hundred in number. The school offers classes from KG 1 to grade 12 and has a sterling reputation amongst the parents on account of the fact that its students are known to do very well in life.

GEMS United Indian School

GEMS United Indian School was founded in 1990 and has a stupendous reputation amongst Indian CBSE schools. They now have a brand new campus that makes receiving an education an absolute joy. Since its founding more than three decades back it has shaped the destiny of thousands of young people who have gone on to achieve great things in life. The fact that the school provides everything required for students to excel at sports as well as academia makes it the definitive choice for most parents as the place to send their children to for a world-class education.

Abu Dhabi Indian School Wathba

Abu Dhabi Indian School in Wathba was founded in 2014. It is one of the most well-known CBSE schools in the region. Apart from its core curriculum, it also offers students a choice of other subjects including Physical Education, Hindi, Creative Arts, ICT, and French from grade 8 onwards. The school is a great believer in holistic education and ensures that its students get the best assistance in excelling at both academics and extracurricular activities. The school is very popular amongst the Indians living in Abu Dhabi on account of its sterling reputation as a school that shapes the destiny of its students in the most fantastic way possible.

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Bhawans Private International English School

That this Indian CBSE school is highly regarded is borne out by the fact that it was rated Very Good by the Abu Dhabi regulator ADEK in the 2018-19 inspection round. This is the second highest rating from them and this school is the only Indian curriculum school to have received it. Bhawans Private International English School Abu Dhabi is quite naturally amongst the most popular for the expat Indian community living in Abu Dhabi.


When it comes to Abu Dhabi Indian school admission for one’s child or children, one is really spoiled for choice. What one can do is to check all the parameters before making a choice. These include the curriculum offered, the facilities and amenities provided, the kind of teaching staff employed by the school, and the academic track record of the school.

What also matters is a school’s ability to empower its students in the manner that they get admission to the best colleges and universities after finishing high school. The distance of the school from a child’s home is a huge factor in the case of small children. Last, but not least the fee charged by the school in question is also a factor in the choice of the right Indian school for your child.

The Indian schools in Abu Dhabi are not popular only amongst expat Indians, but also expats from other communities as well as the local people. The Indian ethos is such that it teaches young students to be diligent, academically focused, and respectful toward their elders. India schools are known for turning out students who are well-behaved, capable as well as super achievers. That explains the immense popularity such schools enjoy in the region.

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