A good night’s carefree sleep helps you revive and get through the chaos of work life. Your peaceful sleep is an essential part of your well-being. If you don’t sleep enough, you feel sluggish and weary in the morning the next morning. It heads off your focus and it becomes difficult for you to keep up with the day’s work. 

A lack of restful sleep may ruin your whole day, but if it persists for a long time, it may lead to physical and mental health issues. Certain medical issues, an unfavourable room environment, or your mattress can be the cause behind your poor quality sleep. 

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Problems due to Improper Sleep  

You may overlook the importance of a good night’s slumber. Here are the problems that occurred due to poor sleep:

  • Weakening of Immune System 

Your immune system is one of the parts of your body that protects it against infections and diseases. To build stronger immunity, your body needs some time to build its defences. During your sleeping hours, your immune system forms antibodies and cytokines that help in fighting against infections. However, if you don’t get adequate sleep, it hampers these activities and impedes your immune system to provide sufficient protection. With a weak immune system, your fall sick frequently and that takes a long time for your recovery. 

  • Respiratory Problems 

Your respiratory functioning depends on the quality of your sleep and vice versa. However, some diseases may affect this functioning. Obstructive sleep apnea is a nighttime disorder that may affect your sleep at night. Consistently waking up at night leads to sleep deprivation. Resultantly, it makes you susceptible to infections like the flu or the common cold. 

  • Heart Problems

When it comes to taking care of your heart, you need to be more cautious. A little or more sleep adversely affects your cardiovascular health. An improper sleep schedule has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and heart attacks. 

  • Impaired Concentration

Poor quality sleep triggers your brain, affecting your concentration. Your mind becomes cloudy and gets troubled to focus on the work. Also, it impairs your thinking capability which leads to issues of memory, problem-solving skills, and creative thinking. 

  • Forgetfulness

Difficulty in remembering things comes in handy with impaired concentration. Quality of sleep hugely impacts your memory and ability to learn new things. A sound sleep locks in the information acquired throughout the day. It sharpens your thinking capability, aiding in forgetfulness. 

  • Weight Gain

When you don’t sleep at night, it increases your urge to munch on snacks at that time. Wakeful nights influence the production of your brain’s hormone (leptin) production which contributes to controlling your hunger. Not getting enough sleep reduces the level of leptin and increases ghrelin (a hormone that boosts appetite), which leads to more snacking. 

  • Mood Swings 

Have you experienced that cranky feeling you get after a restless night? An interrupted night’s sleep is the cause behind it. Fewer hours of sleeping take a toll on your mental and emotional state, making you more susceptible to mood swings and paranoia. When left untreated, the situation may worsen, leading to difficulties. 

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In people with already existing mental conditions, sleep deprivation may compel them to visualize things that don’t even exist. 

What is the solution for wakeful nights? 

When you feel difficulty adjusting to the comfortable sleeping position, you must switch to a comfy mattress. To alleviate your sleeping problems due to mattresses, the SmartGRID mattresses are the perfect solution for you. Here are the features that help in aiding sleeping difficulties: 

  • Uniform Comfort

Made of super flexible hyper-elastic gel material with a blend of sleep technology, the SmartGRID mattress offers even comfort to your body. Each part of your body gets the right comfort for a good night’s slumber. You can find this best mattress online. 

  • Orthopedic Support

Every individual has different sleeping positions and it creates pressure on your head, shoulders, and hips. However, the SmartGRID mattresses reduce the pressure on your joints, giving you pain-relieving comfort while sleeping. Providing you with orthopaedic support, these mattresses are perfect for your healthy slumber. 

  • Airy Comfort

SmartGRID mattresses have a GRID-like structure to promote better airflow throughout your sleeping hours. It can help in avoiding hot flushes at night through proper air circulation across the mattress. 

Summing Up

Due to your improper sleep schedule and poor quality of sleep, there can arise multiple health problems like forgetfulness, diverted concentration, mood swings, and more. To put an end to your wakeful nights, SmartGRID mattresses by The Sleep Company are a perfect solution. Being India’s one and only SmartGRID mattress, these aids your sleeping problems.

Catering to your individual sleeping needs, The Sleep Company has innovated a smart solution for you. Backed by the scientific approach and sleep technology, these mattresses provide cushiony comfort and an amazing sleeping experience. 

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Explore the mattress online from The Sleep Company.

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