The Best Ways to Use Library as Research tool in Dissertation Research

Research tool

The usage of a library, whether physical or digital, is crucial as a research tool. A library plays a crucial part in research because it provides extensive resources such as books, periodicals, magazines, papers, and databases. Libraries give students a place to study and make for great research environments. Researchers can get assistance from librarians in finding the relevant data for research. Researchers need to know how to use the library as a research tool in dissertation research. This article will tell you how you can use the library as a research tool for your research.

What is the importance of a library in research?

A library is a crucial research tool. It helps researchers access a rich data repository and relevant literature for research. Libraries are a goldmine of knowledge because they contain material in various documentation forms, including academic journals, technical and research reports, conference proceedings, guidelines, publications, dissertations, and survey results. These fall under the category of primary sources due to the information they contain.

Primary sources have the data in its undeveloped, original form. In addition to organising original material in useful forms like indexes, catalogues, and summaries, libraries also offer secondary sources of information that direct users to the primary documents. Researchers can also access reference sources such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks to search and retrieve useful information. A library is an effective research tool that helps researchers search, identify, retrieve, and cite the relevant sources for their research.

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Today’s students are tech-savvy, so they typically prefer the quickest method to produce favourable outcomes when studying. The quickest method to access information is through electronic library sources, either from home or the university’s digital library. Students now have the chance to improve their academic performance thanks to the enormous and expanding amount of knowledge made accessible through electronic libraries. Additionally, it offers a setting that promotes knowledge exchange during the research process.

Learning has become easier owing to technological development and the enormous growth of knowledge. However, researchers use these sources as a tool entirely on them. Students’ perceptions of their abilities are what cause them to perform poorly. Strongly competent students view challenging activities as challenges to conquer rather than dangers to be averted. They also hire dissertation writing services to get support from expert writers to overcome such challenges.

What are some of the best ways to use the library as a research tool in dissertation research?

The effective usage of a library as a research tool depends upon the researcher’s ability to find, retrieve, evaluate, and use the library sources to their advantage.

1. Take Help from a librarian

One of the most effective ways to use the library as a research tool is to take help from a librarian. You could occasionally be unsure of how to approach a study issue. Even if you have rudimentary research abilities, consulting a librarian, a neutral third party not involved in your study, might be helpful if you are unsure where to look or what questions to ask. It is the job of librarians to assist researchers in locating the books they require or the subjects they are researching. When you discuss your research goals and needs with librarians, they might be able to suggest new sources you had not thought about.

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2. Keyword Searches

One of the best ways to use a library as a research tool is to use keywords to find relevant sources. Many students feel overwhelmed by the flood of online information, and they find it difficult to navigate through it. Students spend hours searching for relevant sources, yet they cannot find the necessary books and articles. However, students can search, identify, and retrieve information without wasting time if they use the right approach. You can do the following things to search for relevant literature using keywords:

  • Lookup relevant terms using search engines, databases, catalogues, and full-text resources.
  • Use keywords to narrow the scope of your research.
  • Use a combination of keywords that denote the concepts directly linked to your research topic
  • Use general and specific keywords to retrieve relevant information sources from the databases
  • Use multiple keywords

3. Set the Relevancy

Online digital libraries are an effective research tool when you know what you are looking for. Online library databases help researchers find relevant material with the help of filters. Researchers can use search filters and set the relevancy by date, recently published books and articles and time range. It narrows down the scope of research and helps the researchers find contemporary and recently published material.

4. List down your titles beforehand

It never costs to know the publications you want and make a list of them before you start searching them in online libraries. You will be able to quickly key in the publication names and start using the publications for your research due to this. Before you start using the library, verify the title names.

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5. Make a list of the Author’s names

If you are unfamiliar with the titles, maybe you are familiar with the names of the writers and subject-matter experts. To check what you can find, enter these into the computer.

6. Make a list of keywords

One of the effective ways to use the library as a research tool is to list keywords relevant to your topic or subject matter before you use the library. It is best to make a list of five to seven keywords that are relevant to your topic.

7. Make Questions

Before using the library as a research tool, you must have some questions in mind for which you need answers. It will help you concentrate on your wants and give you the best results.


Using library sources as a research tool requires smart strategies to find relevant information; otherwise, researchers waste precious time. It is imperative to use a keyword search strategy and set the relevancy to recent publications for retrieving current data. Researchers can also consult librarians for the effective usage of library sources.

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