The Cyclops, who were horse-like monsters with one eye, built the 25th Island of Greece, and several stories depicted them. Cyclops were skilled in many trades, including stonecutters, carpenters, and metalworkers. Read on to learn more about this mysterious island. If you’re thinking about visiting, now is the time to start your research. There are many wonderful islands to visit in Greece!


One of the least visited and least populated islands in the Mediterranean is Amorgos. Though a tiny island with a tiny population, Amorgos is known for its beautiful architecture and rich honey production. The island is home to a unique dialect. In addition, Amorgos has a long and interesting history, as it was inhabited as early as the prehistoric period. Amorgos also has a small monastery that can be visited, and is perfect for a romantic getaway or a learning experience about the culture of Greece.


A short ferry ride from Athens will bring you to the picturesque, scenic island of Lesbos, the twenty-fifth largest of the Greek islands. Lesbos has a population of around 350, speaking a dialect of ancient Greek unique to the island. The Argyron Monastery is home to many Lesbian residents. The island’s ancient monuments are worth a look, but it’s also home to a thriving tourism industry.

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Symi, the twenty-fifth-largest island in Greece, has a history of shipbuilding and sponge industry. But it lacks the mass development of commercial tourism that many other islands in the country have, making it an ideal place for a romantic Greek island getaway. A typical walk through the picturesque harbour town of Gialos will lead you to the village’s steep streets and tall stone houses in earthy tones.

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When visiting Kythira, you should not miss out on the island’s many local foods. Try a honeyed sweet called Melounia, which is made from almonds, flour, and extra virgin olive oil. There are also many interesting local products you can buy for yourself, like Kythira wine. The wine is made with two grape varieties: white and red. The local wine is also delicious, so make sure you try some!


The 25th Island of Greece is located in the western Aegean Sea. This small island is home to about 350 residents and a distinct dialect of ancient Greek. You can find plenty of shopping opportunities here as well as a number of interesting places to visit. The island also has a prehistoric temple and its own Google Map! While there, consider visiting the tiny island for a relaxing holiday.

Hozoviotissa Monastery

On the 25th Island of Greece, you can visit the Hozoviotissa Monastic Site, a famous memorial stone circle. This monastery was built in honor of the Virgin Mary, the patron saint of Amorgos, and was commissioned by Alexius Comnenus I. The monastery is free to enter and is open to everyone.


The peaceful environment, the welcoming people, and the rich culture of the Greek island of Minoa will surely make your trip to Hozoviotissa, the 25th island of Greece, an unforgettable experience. The island was originally inhabited by the Minoans around 2,700 BC, and later the Mycenaeans occupied the island until 167 BC. Chora, the island’s capital, contains ruins from the 2nd century BC. During your trip to the 25th island, don’t forget to visit the monastic settlement of Panagia Hozoviotissa, a 10th century monastery built on a cliff overlooking the sea. It is now the main tourist attraction on the island.

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Visit Chora, the 25th island of Greece, and you will discover that the city is whitewashed and the buildings are adorned with flowers and beautiful designs. Its architecture shows off the traditional expertise of the builders. It is an attractive destination for those who love to take pictures. There are a number of tourist attractions in this island city. For instance, you can see the Hozoviotissa Monastery, which is a memorial stone circle. The monastery is open to all visitors and is also a popular tourist attraction.

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