Telegram’s new reaction and interactive emoticons

Telegram's new reaction and interactive emoticons

Telegram(Telegram汉化), one of the most popular messaging apps today, has just announced two new features: reactions and interactive emoticons.

Both of these new features make Telegram more engaging than ever before. Let’s take a look at how they work!

The reaction allows you to respond to messages with animated expressions

The first feature is the “Reactions” which allows you to use animated emoticons to respond to messages without typing anything. You can now send a hug, emoji, or even a kiss by simply tapping on the relevant icon that appears on your screen when someone sends you a message.

This update will also add an interactive button next to each sticker pack, GIF, and video link in your chats. This means if you tap on one of those links it’ll automatically start playing instead of opening the web page like before.

Show love or even a virtual hug to someone

If you’re using the Telegram app (电报 app)on your phone, this feature is super easy to use. If you aren’t, please download it now and try it out! You’ll need an account to do this.

To send a reaction from within a chat:

Tap on any message in the chat thread for which you’d like to send one of these new reactions (just like before)

Select an emoji icon from the bottom row to select what kind of reaction you’d like to use (this is where your reactions will appear if you have never sent one before)

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Press “Send”

When things are not so optimistic, there are other reactions

Reactions are the new way to express yourself in chats. They’re like emojis, but better.

You can add reactions to any message you send in a chat, including photos and gifs. Just tap the reaction button on your keyboard and select an emotion!

Every reaction is available for every chat—no matter how big or small. So whether you want more eye-rolling options, or something more subtle like a smiley face with sunglasses (because truly what is life without those), Reactions have got you covered.

Telegram also introduced interactive emoticons

Telegram has also introduced interactive emoticons that allow you to get information and news sent directly to your chat.

Starting with the Telegram Desktop App version 4.8, users can now send interactive stickers in their chats: just hover over them and click “send” to open a page with more information on the topic. This way, you can get news about anything directly in your conversations without switching applications or websites!

Telegram has released two new interesting features

Telegram has released two new interesting features: reactions and interactive emoticons.

Reactions are simple to understand. They let you react to messages with different emojis that represent your feelings.

Interactive emoticons are a bit more complicated, but they’re also pretty cool! You can now use these special animated emojis as part of a chatbot conversation on Telegram, where they’ll respond to certain triggers to make the experience more engaging and fun for everyone involved.


As always, the best way to see how the new features work is to try them out yourself. We’re looking forward to seeing what other communication apps choose to do with this technology in the future!


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