Taking on a New Tenant: 10 Important Steps

A background and credit check should still be performed on a new renter even if you are extremely busy, feel you lack the resources, or are not physically there.


  1. Get a background check


  1. Verify employment and rental history


  1. Check references


  1. Conduct a credit check


  1. Meet the tenant in person


  1. Inspect the property together


  1. Sign the lease agreement


  1. Move in day!


  1. Regular communication and check-ins


  1. The final walkthrough and move-out day


  1. Get a background check: A background check is one of the most important steps you can take when getting a new tenant in your one of the apartments for sale in Business Bay. This will help you to uncover any potential red flags, such as a history of eviction or criminal activity.


  1. Verify employment and rental history: In addition to a background check, you’ll also want to verify your prospective tenant’s employment and rental history. This can be done by requesting pay stubs and contacting their previous landlords.


  1. Check references: Once you’ve verified the employment and rental history, it’s time to check references. This step is important in order to get a sense of what kind of tenant they are – are they respectful of their property, do they pay their rent on time, etc.


  1. Conduct a credit check: A credit check is another crucial step in the process of vetting a new tenant. This will help you to determine if they’re financially responsible and whether or not they’re likely to pay their rent on time.
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  1. Meet the tenant in person: Meeting your prospective tenant in person is a great way to get a sense of who they are and whether or not they’d be a good fit for your property.


  1. Inspect the property together: Before signing a lease agreement, it’s important to inspect the property together with your prospective tenant. This will help to ensure that both parties are on the same page in terms of the condition of the property.


  1. Sign the lease agreement: Once you’ve conducted a background check, verified employment and rental history, checked references, and inspected the property, it’s time to sign the lease agreement.


  1. Move in day!: The big day has finally arrived – it’s move-in day! Be sure to have all of your paperwork in order and be available to answer any questions that your tenant may have.


  1. Regular communication and check-ins: Once your tenant has moved in, it’s important to keep up with regular communication and check-ins. This will help to ensure that everything is going smoothly and that your tenant is happy with the property.


  1. The final walkthrough and move-out day: The final step in the process is the final walkthrough and move-out day. This is when you’ll inspect the property in one of the apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai, one last time and collect the keys from your tenant. Be sure to thank them for their tenancy and wish them luck in their future endeavors!


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