Strategies to increase the number of insta followers you have on Instagram in 2022

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1. Use Relevant Hashtags

On Instagram, one of the best ways to expand one’s reach and get new followers is to make use of hashtags that are pertinent to both the content and the company being promoted. Your posts will be displayed in the results for those searching for particular hashtags if you have them, giving you the opportunity to earn new followers.

Not only that, but making use of hashtags that are pertinent to your sector enables you to connect with other people in your area, which may lead to the formation of beneficial partnerships. Conduct research to identify trending hashtags related to your field and then start incorporating them into your postings.

2. Organize giveaways and competitions

Who doesn’t get excited about a fun competition or giveaway? On Instagram, one of the best methods to boost the number of people following your account is to host entertaining competitions and giveaways. Users will not only be interested in taking part in the contest, but they will also share it with the others who follow them, so providing you with even more visibility.

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On Instagram, giveaways and contests are always popular, and they’re a wonderful method to grow the number of followers you have for your account. Be sure to make it a requirement for users to follow you in order to enter any giveaways you organize. This will not only result in an increase in the number of followers you have, but it will also assist to guarantee that only real individuals are participating in the giveaway.

You can also promote your material by including relevant hashtags and tagging other people in the posts you share on social media. Make it simple for people to locate your competition and submit their entries to be considered for a prize.

3. Work Together with Various Other Users

Make contact with other users who operate inside the same specialty or industry as you do and work together with them. This might take the shape of a guest post, a takeover of each other’s Instagram account, or just endorsing the material of the other person. Working together with other users is a fantastic method to expose your content to new audiences and acquire new followers.

When you work with another user on a project, you should make sure to promote both of your materials to each other’s followers. This will be of assistance to them, and it will also raise the likelihood that they will return the favor. If you have a huge following, you can also reach out to people in your industry who have a lesser following and offer to promote the material they create for them. This is a fantastic approach for you to assist them in expanding their following while simultaneously expanding your own following.

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4. Make Use of Eye-Catching Images

Because Instagram places a premium on visual material, you should ensure that the photos you post are appealing and stand out from the crowd. Users are more inclined to follow you if they find information on your page that is both aesthetically appealing and relevant to their interests.

Your pictures don’t need to be taken by a professional, but they should be of good quality and visually attractive. Before you publish your images online, you should spend some time editing them to make sure they appear they are the very best.

Engaging with your audience on Instagram may be accomplished in a number of ways, including the usage of visually appealing photographs, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Live Videos. Utilize these characteristics to your advantage so that you may attract new Insta followers as they are gaining more and more popularity.

5. Interact with Members of Your Audience

Engaging with your audience on Instagram is not only one of the finest methods to boost the number of followers you have on that platform, but it’s also one of the easiest. Like and comment on the posts they make, respond to any questions or concerns they raise, and organize polls. The more you interact with the people who are watching you, the more probable it is that they will continue to do so.

You may also stimulate involvement with your posts by including questions and polls for your readers to answer. This is an excellent method for getting visitors to interact with your material, which helps to enhance your reach and is also helpful.

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On Instagram, one of the greatest methods to grow the number of people who follow your account is to interact with the audience you already have. Building relationships with your followers and demonstrating that you care about them may be accomplished by making the effort to communicate with them. This is an excellent strategy for setting yourself apart from other businesses and luring in new customers to follow your company.


You may reach new audiences and build followers by working with other Instagram users, holding giveaways, and utilizing relevant hashtags in your posts on Instagram. In addition, remember to make use of appealing graphics and to interact with your audience in order to keep them interested in what you have to offer. As a last option, you may speed up your progress on Instagram by purchasing followers.

What are some more methods that you can boost the number of people that follow you on Instagram? Leave a comment with your best advice!

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