Services for drone shooting

Studio specialists offer professional drone survey services for ceremonies, topographic, cadastral and architectural objects. You can view employees’ work and discuss the project on our website.

Our organizers can help with any order, no matter how complex. Operators will take high-quality aerial photographs of landscapes and celebrations.

Professional Drone Shooting Services

To order a project study, visit the office. Professional operators provide aerial photography services and are also installation specialists. A fleet of modern, high-quality quadcopters makes it possible to perform aerial surveys at different levels of complexity. We work with real estate agents and construction companies to fix large-scale events.

We offer assistance with aerial photography using modern equipment. The Moscow office can take your order. The website contains a list of studio operators.

Aerial videography has many advantages.

Customers can order a quadrocopter video service from our company. Expert specialists will ensure you get high-quality, interesting videos from the height. This type of manipulation is prevalent at weddings, events and sports competitions.

You can also use the drone for aerial, topographic, geodetic and advertising purposes. The operator and customer decide together the length of the video and any editing or processing requirements. They also determine the scale and desired size.

A copter can take aerial photographs of architectural details

Professional aerial photography can help you highlight buildings’ beauty and scale. Phoenix drone services can order the study in our office or on the website. You can place your order by contacting the manager.

Professional aerial photography for architecture

Photos of real estate can reflect the sophistication and grandeur of the project, as well as the builder’s quality. You can take aerial photographs of architecture to capture high-quality images from any height. This work is required by construction companies, real estate agencies, developers, designers, museums, and universities.

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Aerial drone services can use a drone to take aerial photos of buildings.

Aerial photography of architectural structures will highlight the entire area surrounding the system and show its full scale. This is possible with special equipment. These quadcopters are of high quality. This aircraft is an excellent choice because it allows for the creation of unique shots.

These images are more precise, stable, and have a higher resolution. Aerial photography of high quality will provide the best idea around the object being shot and will be a great promotional tool.

High-quality equipment is used to shoot high-resolution images. You can work with the studio’s quadcopters on different complexity and scale projects.

Professional operators and technical experts handle orders. Visit our studio if you require high-quality aerial photography.

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