Reasons to choose quartz slabs while designing your space

What is Quartz?

Quartz is a naturally occurring element that is found in clusters but does not form huge stones like granite, limestone, or other types of rocks. This stone cannot be used naturally and hence is engineered to form quartz stone after going through a manufacturing process.

If you are thinking about which material slabs should be used for a contemporary, modern look – don’t go far. The quartz stone slab should be your best choice, and these have a natural stone-like beauty without actually being solid stone slabs. The quartz stone slab is an engineered product made of stone-like materials blended with other recycled waste like polymer resins, making them harder and more binder than other stone slabs. Although the quartz stone slabs are relatively newer in the market as compared to marble, granite, etc., they are gaining popularity due to their unique properties.

Choosing a quartz stone slab is a no-brainer when it comes to comparing it with other options, as the versatility and practicality that the quartz slab provides are unmatched. While decorating a particular space, one desires to have a disheveled appearance of a natural stone due to its contemporary looks but without having its unpredictable nature. And with a quartz slab, you get exactly that – the best of both worlds together! It provides a contemporary and luxury finish to any nook and corner, which can be easily customized in line with the client’s sensibility and style.

Following are some reasons to consider quartz over other material slabs:

  • Aesthetically pleasing and easy to use: As these are artificially made, they can be manufactured and customized in large sizes as per the area, which will result in fewer joints which makes them more aesthetically pleasing, and these are also easy to use for the builder as compared to natural stones.
  • Quartz stone slabs are available in countless colours and styles: This can be achieved by including different materials like quartz crystals, waste marble pieces, granite, and other natural minerals. These make the quartz stone organic looking and give it a similar look and feel as any natural stone. They can also be fabricated in a customized way as per the client’s preferred size and shape.
  • Looks quite similar to marble: Some varieties of quartz stone slabs look quite identical to marble, and the white-colored engineered quartz stone slabs with either blue or blackish veins can effortlessly be mistaken for marble.
  • No worry about stains, cracks, or scratches: One generally looks to use quartz slabs for kitchenware or their bathrooms, and these places are susceptible to spilling, cracking, and damage due to scratches. However, in the case of a quartz stone slab, you need not worry about these problems. Engineered quartz slabs are comparatively harder and non-porous, which makes them more stain and scratch-resistant.
  • Hygiene is also taken into consideration: As mentioned earlier as well, quartz stone slabs are majorly used as kitchen countertops where hygiene becomes the no.1 priority. They make for practical countertops as many quartz slabs are engineered in such a way that they have anti-bacterial agents added during the manufacturing process.
  • Heat Resistant: This property becomes very important as the quartz slabs will help us protect ourselves from accidents due to fire. They have properties that make them heat resistant and are very easy to maintain. For example, every other natural stone requires annual sealing, which need not be the case with these slabs.
  • Dirt Resistant: Due to its non-porous feature, its absorbance rate is as low as 0.03%, which is excellent as a simple wipe with a normal cleaner can clean dirt off this slab without absorbing water into the slab.
  • Non-toxic: As the material is to be used as kitchen countertops, it becomes very important that it doesn’t contain any toxic properties to ruin any food items. This has been tested with the state health authority for its non-toxic property and also emits no radiation.
  • Uniform manufacturing: When compared to other natural stones, quartz slabs are uniform. This is because they are manufactured or can be customized in a certain way without any imperfections, which is not the case with natural stones. Controlled manufacturing helps deliver uniformity within quartz stone slabs.
  • Environment friendly: In the case of artificial quartz slabs, the minerals used are all made up of waste materials and do not include anything that harms our environment. This makes the quartz slabs greener than other options available in the market. Also, the resins which are used as raw materials are not as synthetic in nature, which would harm nature.
  • Unique properties when compared to granite: Since forever, granite has been used as a material everywhere in high-end homes, especially for its beauty and elegance. It is a well-known fact that granite is durable, scratch and heat resistant. However, it also has some unpleasant properties. It is naturally porous, which is prone to staining by oil splattering, and excessive use of cleaning products can cause acidic reactions. Also, they contain small pits and fixtures which may look like cracks and give a very unflattering look to your space.
  • Multi-purpose uses: In addition to just acting as a kitchen or bath countertop, quartz stone slab can be used in many other ways, such as surroundings for the shower area and tub area. The majority of the wet spaces can have a surrounding layer of quartz slab as they are non-porous in nature and can resist bacterial growth. Not only for residential but also in commercial buildings, canteens, hospitals, and food services areas can use quartz slabs for a good-looking and durable option.
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It is always necessary to understand the characteristics and correspond them to the conditions for its use before choosing any material that will be used in large numbers all over your house or office. Quartz is a mineral that is found in abundance all over the world, and this makes the mineral durable enough to have a long lifespan as long as you take good care of them.

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