There are Hundreds Of Species Of Birds

that make their home in the U.S. There are some that are common and others that are rare and endangered. Each species has its own unique features and behaviors that set them apart from one another.The bird that we will be discussing today is the American White Pelican. This bird has a white body with a red head and neck. This bird is also known as the American white pelican.

They are known to eat fish and shrimp and are found in the northern states such as Alaska, Canada, and the lower 48 states. They are found in coastal areas where there are rivers and lakes.

This bird can be seen throughout the year except during the winter months. The male bird is larger than the female. Their wingspan can be up to three feet.\This bird is a scavenger and can be found on the beaches feeding on dead fish and shrimp. They can also be found hunting on land and flying above the water.

The BlackBurnian

Warblers look like cute tiny birds, with the males sporting black backs, with small black wings that are adorned with white patches. They have long black tails that are black with white edging . They also have the breast and the underbelly of the bird are white, with black streaks on the sides. The face of this bird is orange and has an orange-colored triangle that runs across the throat, and up into the breast.

The breast is an angular black with smallorange crescents beneath the eyes, as well as an all-black crown. Females and juveniles will appear gray rather than black, and have two white wingbars, as well as yellowish-colored underbellies.Small They are quite small. Warblers are 4.3 between 4.7 inches long and can span from 7.9 up to 9.1 inches in width.

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HabitatThese are birds that love coniferous mixed woods and deciduous-coniferous However, you can spot them everywhere is a forest. If you have trees in your yard or food sources that are suitable, you may be lucky enough to receive an appearance!DietWhile most of the time, they eat insect, these birds may sometimes be lured to your feeders when you’ve got suet.

Mississippi’s Fall and Winter Birds

With winter lows of around 39 degrees Fahrenheit, Mississippi is a bit cold, but winter can be more severe. But it is the time when your feathered friends require your help, so make sure to provide healthy snacks for your chilled feathered companions like the ones below. Mississippi Winter birds

“Yes,Window Bird Feeder This is a simple and easy to build bird feeder. Just attach a few screws to a wooden post and hang the feeder from it. The feeder can be customized to fit your birds’ preferences by adding different types of seeds or bird food.

American Robin – Turdus migratorius

American Robins sport grayish-brown backs and medium-length wings in the same color. They also have long, grayish-brown tails that have white edges and white undersides that originate through the bird’s white back. The underbelly and the breast of this bird have a reddish-orange shade and the face is also orange.

the birds’ heads are black. The black is not broken apart from a’shattered eyering that covers each eye. They also have a medium-length curving yellow bill that usually has a little black on the tips. Females will also have the same colors, however the hues will be less vibrant, and appear to flow together due to a lower contrast.size:These birds measure in at 7.9 11 inches in length . They are wingspans of 12.2 or 15.8 inches.

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HabitatYou are likely to see them within the pine forests of winter or even deciduous woodlands, however they are very urbanized, and are often seen stepping into orchards, gardens and golf courses. They are fond of feeders in your backyard that are well-stocked so make sure to set some food out, and you may see an unexpected visitor.Robin.DietRaisins or crushed nuts or just plain old suet The birds in this diet are very easy to please.

Eastern Phoebe – Sayornis phoebe

Eastern Phoebes have backs that are grayish-brown with long, grayish brown wings that show a delicate white edging. They sport perky, medium-length gray tails. The underbelly and the breast that this species has are fluffy white.

This white extends to the bottom of the throat, and moves across the shoulders before it completely disappears in the rear to the back of the head. On the face, this bird has an erect chin with white lines. The lower part of the face that begins at mid-bill height typically has a lighter gray in comparison to the darker gray making up the entire face. They have straight, thin and medium-length black bills. In autumn, you may notice a yellowish tint on the belly, too.

Dimensions:These birds measure in at 5.5 to 6.7 inches long. They are wingspans in the range of 10.2 up to 11.2 inches wide.HabitatThese are birds that love woods’ edge and open areas such as meadowsand clearings and copses. They also love the city but they often build nests in buildings and bridges.

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DietSuet cake and mealworms whether live or dried is the best option for entice your Eastern Phoebe into visiting your backyard feeders.

American Goldfinch – Spinus tristis

Male Goldfinches from America are vibrant and easy to spot. They feature bright yellow backs, with lengthy, black wings that show two wingbars per wings, as well as a variety of vertical white markings towards the center of the wings.

They sport small, black, notched tails, with white markings, as well as white undersides that emerge through the rump. The breast and the underbelly of the bird have bright yellow and so is the bird’s head but with a small black cap that is located on its forehead and a medium-length conical bill of orange.

Females are olive colored in place of dark yellows and blacks and in winter the birds will both be brown with dim but distinct white wing bars visible. Dimensions: These little birds measure at 4.3 to 5.1 inches long and are able to fly from 7.5 and 8.7 inches.

HabitatThese Animals

prefer to live in overgrown and weedy fields, particularly in areas that are prone to flooding, making them ideal for gathering. They are often seen flying around and are the bold birds they are.

 This bird with orange chest. This is a good sign that it is healthy and will be able to reproduce.

They can also be seen along paths, orchards, gardens and in backyards.DietAmerican Goldfinch’s love sucet as well as peanut butter. So why not mix them up? It’s a quick and easy snack to prepare and the little birds are awestruck by it.

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