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Shopping List

Create a shopping list

Food shopping can be a challenge for most people. You arrive at the supermarket and you don’t know what to buy! You find yourself with… Filling your fridge and shelves with things you don’t use. In my case, making a shopping list before I go shopping saves time and money. I usually shop once a month. Some people like to shop once a week or even every two weeks. Regardless of the frequency. To make shopping go smoothly, a shopping list is a must:!!!!

So, how do you create your own shopping list?

Well… There are several ways to create a shopping list… You can use an online program or create a template manually and update it as needed…

Let’s start by manually creating a shopping list template…

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Step 1: Observation.

Start by going to your regular supermarket. Take a sheet of paper and a pencil. Walk around the supermarket and draw the layout of the aisles, including the products displayed in each aisle.

STEP 2: Make a decision.

When you get home… Examine the paper in light of the information gathered in the next section. Now… Determine the order in which you will walk the aisles of the supermarket. Will you start with the fresh and frozen food aisles? Will you start your shopping with the dry food aisle? Or do you prefer to walk from one end of the supermarket to the other towards the entrance? Just make sure that the order you choose best suits your shopping habits.

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You should also look at the products in each department and exclude those you know you will never buy. If you’re not sure about a product … just leave it off.

Step 3: Create a shopping list

Based on the information gathered in the previous steps, create your own template, which can be created either with Word or Excel.

Use Microsoft Word.

Open a new document. Insert as many columns as you need. Write down the products mentioned in each sentence. Place a box next to these products (write down the quantity you wish to purchase). After listing the products on each shelf, there should be a few empty rows where you can insert other products. Save the file in an appropriate folder and name it “Master Grocery Template”.

Use Microsoft Excel.

Open a new spreadsheet. Create as many columns as you need. Enter the products you want to display in each path. Create a cell next to each item for the quantity you wish to purchase. Save the spreadsheet in an appropriate folder and name it “Master Grocery Template”. As a precaution, leave a few blank lines at the end of the document.

Try to create a template that fits on one sheet of paper. You don’t want to be carrying around several sheets of paper when you go shopping!

Step 4: Go shopping!!!

Print out the grocery list template. Tape it to your refrigerator (use magnets!) or ) or keep it somewhere you and everyone in the family can easily reach it, like in the kitchen. Get into the habit of marking all the foods your family needs so you can restock them as soon as they run out. This way, you won’t have to spend extra time before going to the supermarket to figure out what foods you need to buy.

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It’s also a good idea to look at your menu plan a few days before you go shopping. Make sure your shopping list has all the ingredients you need for your menu! Cross off any ingredients that are still available or are unnecessary for your menu planner.

Don’t forget to mark items that are on special or have coupons! This will save you money when you shop.! !!!

If you are tech-savvy or work with a computer on a daily basis, you can use one of the various online software programs to create a shopping list. The advantage of online software is that you don’t need to create the templates by hand… The layout and design are already created for you.

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