Most Visited Hillstations of Maharashtra

It’s not like every vacation necessitates weeks of planning or days of packing. Some trips require only a single backpack and a short drive to the nearest vacation spot. How about we promise you’ll be there in an hour? That is correct. The concept of luxury is changing. It’s no longer just buying things or travelling to places that require you to spend money. It’s all about luxury, secrecy, comfort, and a wide range of options from leisure to budget-friendly. It’s all about the memories, not the cash. These villas in Igatpuri with pool, villas in Lonavala and villa near Karjat are just a hop, skip, and roll away!

Ekostay believes that experience is everything, and we strive to go above and beyond for our premium villas. Our Gold category features elegantly designed villas that are competently maintained, as well as handcrafted signature services and unrivalled tranquilly, allowing guests to connect and create lasting memories. Are you ready for breath taking Maharashtrian landscapes , delectable local cuisine, and cosy beds? We hand-picked our aesthetically pleasing villas with luxurious amenities right at our fingertips.

Monsoons in Maharashtra set the stage for stunning flower blooming, lush green scenery, and breath taking vistas. From Mumbai to Igatpuri, Karjat, Lonavala or Pune, Maharashtra has a number of nearby hill stations and towns that are ideal for monsoon travel. However, when it comes to a perfect monsoon road trip, Lonavala takes the prize. It’s a beautiful drive from Mumbai to Igatpuri, whether you drive yourself or take public transportation. Spacious villas in Igatpuri with stunning views, meandering ghats, and serene surroundings. After reading our list of places to stop on your trip in Maharashtra to make it a monsoon getaway to remember, you can travel the distance between Mumbai and Igatpuri, ALibaug, Lonavala or Pune in the most picturesque way imaginable!

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Villas in Igatpuri with Pool – Casablanca Villa

4BHK Casablanca Villa in Igatpuri is one of the most luxurious villas in Igatpuri has an immaculate pool with astounding submerged seating, sprawling with extraordinary views of valleys and lush greenery. Soak in the quietude pool next to a striking pool hammock with a cosy gazebo and a plush outdoor bar, an architectural phenomenon with a blend of intricate and contemporary interior decor. Spend an exciting evening playing billiards and poker in this luxurious and exquisite villa that we have made available to you!

Villas in Igatpuri with Pool – Brickstone Villa

Fall into the dreamy island of fantasy at Brickstone Villa, a rustic 4 BHK Villa with modern facilities and your own private pool to complete the space outside where you can relax while taking in the views of Igatpuri. The terrace on of the best villas in Igatpuri has the most calm atmosphere you’ll find all year, and the gazebo by the pool makes it the chill place to take selfies!

Villas in Igatpuri with Pool – Ecstasy Villa

Ecstasy Villa, located in the peaceful Igatpuri, is a Mother Nature’s gift. This 4 BHK villa near Karjat property boasts of being in the dead centre of lush greenery with views soothing your eyes all the way upto the horizon and provides ample space to spend leisurely downtime with your loved ones. Get away from it all with your friends and family, relax on the terrace and look for shooting stars, or simply dip your toes in the pool.

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Villas in Igatpuri with Pool – Fern Villa

Fern Villa, Igatpuri is the epitome of relaxation; this 3 BHK Villa is guaranteed to put you in a state of Zen. The spacious lounge area is sure to pique your interest; enjoy a nice BBQ dinner or simply soak up the warmth of a bonfire on a cool night. Enjoy lounging in the nooks of this Villa or simply going to dip your toes in the pool, we know we would!

Villas in Lonavala with Pool – Gatsby Villa

Gatsby Villa in Lonavala is a dreamy 4BHK with spacious, modern interiors that perfectly complement the sprawling, vibrant exteriors, which include a private pool and garden area. This villa near Karjat 4BHK Villa has breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and lush greenery. You could spend the entire day admiring the majestic surroundings that transition from brightly illuminated days to starry nights while enjoying a bonfire by the outdoor area, or you could spend your time leisurely indoors with your favourites.

Villas in Lonavala with Pool – Santorini Villa

Experience a luxurious stay in the Santorini Villa in Khandala with a glimpse of Greece right in the foothills of Lonavala. This aesthetically pleasing and spacious villa has its own pool where you can relax and let your worries float away. Enjoy your staycation with your loved ones in the midst of Khandala’s evergreen and cosy atmosphere.

Villas in Karjat – Nest Villa

Only in a villa near Karjat will you witness natural beauty at its pinnacle and be engulfed in it, so sit back and watch as its mystical charm unfolds upon you. Nest Villa is a 3 BHK magnificent hideout built just for you and your loved ones, complete with a private pool to dip your toes into, a balcony to catch breathtaking sunsets, and verdant lawns to run around on. Nest Villa is all about the modern, playful interiors, spacious bedrooms, and lovely bathrooms.

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What you require is a homestead retreat where the greenery can relax your mind and soul. Consider lush fields, delectable fruits, peaceful walks, and a welcome change in Maharashtra. The fine Ekostay collections near Mumbai where you can experience the style of living! Even if you’re thinking about going there and dealing with the crowds, we’re taking you somewhere else: to private luxury villas in Maharashtra. So pack your belongings, start your engine, and travel to these private villas in Mumbai, which offer privacy, pools, and bedrooms with breathtaking views. You could take it a step further with barbeque meals and bonfire events if you have private pools, play areas, and amazing views!

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