List of top candidate assessment tools 2022


Candidate screening is a vital part of the recruitment process, and it has been bolstered by many technological developments over recent years. This article provides an overview of some of the top candidate assessment tools in use in 2022, which will help you to streamline the different stages of the talent screening process.

When recruiters submit a resume to a recruiter, the next logical step is for them to screen that resume and move forward with the following screening process. Resume screening tools often do this, using deep learning, Natural Language Processing(NLP), and machine learning to contextually screen resumes.

These softwares can also match and rank candidates to help hiring managers with their shortlisting candidates. After the resume screening, the next step is the talent screening of shortlisting candidates. 

I am going to give you some fantastic and most demanded candidate assessment tools. 


Ducknowl is a reputed candidate assessment tool to assess candidates using real-world tasks. This screening assessment suite is compatible with all industries and job profiles, especially organizations hiring technical clients. It contains pre-screening assessment kits for testing candidates’ programming skills, engineering, and more.

Ducknowl software gives full liberty to the recruiters to personalize the test according to their company standard. It gives the recruiters a selection of your question patterns and allows you to set the answer mode. For example, if a recruiter needs to check candidates’ personalities, the recruiter can select their answer mode to video.

It comes with a sophisticated data-driven stack that will analyze candidates’ answers and rank them accordingly, eliminating personal biases in the hiring process.

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Pricing Plan:  available on request

Free Trial: for 30 days

Integration: Easy integration available on major marketing tools like Zoho, Jazz, greenhouse ect.

Objective Management Group (OMG)

OMG is a pioneer in the sales type of talent screening industry by offering essential data and allowing organisations to maximise their sales performance. OMG was Developed by Dave Kurlan, the success of this software has amassed a user base of 33111 companies and helped companies hire 2130754 salespeople.

Research data show that more than 92 percent of employees hired through OMG have risen to the top half of their sales force within 12 months.

Pricing Plan:  Open price not available

Free Trial: N/A

Integration: Easy integration available on major marketing tools like Zoho, Jazz, Hubspot ect.


Skillsarena is highly recommended for industries like retail, housing, logistics, and finance. It offers a wide range of talent screening  to test the skills and competencies of candidates based on their communication, numeracy, computer, and intelligence skills.

Pricing Plan:  500$ per month

Free Trial: N/A

Integration: Easy integration available on major marketing tools like Zoho, Jazz, Hubspot ect.


TestDome is an amazing software to create customised programming skill tests for technical candidates. It has a huge questions set library for the coding test. It also allows you to create your own exercises and tests talents on their coding, numerical and verbal skills. The algorithm instantly reviews the candidate’s answers, allowing you to make fast recruiting decisions.

Pricing Plan:  price based upon candidates’ tests. For 5 candidate they will charge $100

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Free Trial: N/A

Integration: Easy integration available on major marketing tools like Zoho, Jazz, Hubspot ect.


Berkeassessment software is one of the best software for evaluating soft skills such as core motivations and abilities. This software is suitable for job roles that require behavioral traits like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, creativity, work ethics, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, etc.

This tool assesses candidates based on seven major personality traits, four cognitive abilities, and a wide variety of soft skills. Berkeassessment allows you to create tailor-made hiring profiles, including pre-made templates conforming to uniform guidelines on employee selection and the latest scientific data.

You can create your personalised hiring profiles by entering traits and abilities you want in your employees and compare them with applicants.

The scoring system is incredibly fast; its algorithm instantly detects clients matching your hiring profiles while providing a clear overview of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses and explaining why they can be part of your organization.

Pricing Plan:  Open price not available

Free Trial: N/A

Final thoughts

Employees are the lifeblood of an organization, no matter what size it is.. With the right talents by your side, reaching your goals and creating new milestones for the future will be easier. Talent screening softwares can help you find the best talent for your organization.

These candidate assessment tools will streamline your recruiting process by cutting down unnecessary time and investment you primarily invest in traditional hiring processes.





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