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Despite the current trend toward electronic communication, letterheads remain an important aspect of a company’s stationery. Designing your letterhead with consideration may be a terrific way to make a positive first impression with your consumers and highlight your logo design.

Even if you never write letters by hand (the ultimate in personalisation), a typed message that is topped with a beautiful letterhead design seems more deliberate and intentional. A letterhead with your firm’s identity provides you another chance to wow clients and make your company more distinctive. The good thing about designing a letterhead template is that it can be used for more than just letters: it can be used for digital documents, emails, newsletters, bills, thank-you notes, and more and getting letterhead template free makes it more easier for companies and for you to get your work done more faster.

Having difficulty finding an ornate, colorful, monochromatic, or minimalistic design? Not sure where to begin? We’ve compiled some crucial pointers and examples to assist you and your company make a fantastic first impression with a letterhead template.

Emphasize Your Branding

Yes, you may (and should) add a company logo on your letterhead, particularly if it is for a business. However, consider alternative inventive methods to include your logo. Shane Helm employs a part of the logo’s primary symbol on both the letterhead and the business card in this case. The company’s colors are used on the items as a visually fascinating design element, and the brand iconography is accentuated in a way that doesn’t appear forced or repeated.

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Maintain the attention on the logo

Designer Seth Addison showcases this sophisticated and beautiful logo in this free letterhead template. The online logo design is prominently featured in the upper left corner of the letterhead and is emphasized by the white space surrounding it. The contrast against the background’s subdued color palette maintains the spotlight where it belongs: on the logo design.

Maintain Simplicity

As the last suggestion implies, you want to promote your brand but not to the point that it distracts from the substance of the paper. Jonny Delap maintains his personal letterhead simple (but yet eye-catching) by using one or two accent colors (here, a good combination of light grayish-blue and dark navy) and a large layout.

To demonstrate your ingenuity, use exaggerated typefaces

There’s no doubt that ornate typefaces have an instant eye-catching appeal. Exaggerated swishes in elaborate typefaces produce a beautiful dance of letters that draws the reader’s eye. This Dribbble aesthetic is ideal for showcasing creativity and individuality.

Make Good Use of Space

Letterhead templates and designs are traditionally positioned at the top of the page, however this is not a hard and fast rule. Andrew Littmann’s design makes excellent use of all four sides of the paper to provide additional information such as contact information, location, and even the corporate motto. And here’s a lovely touch: notice how he used the logo mark’s form to create a repeating pattern on the left side of the page and the bottom of the envelope – a subtle approach to reinforce the branding.

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The use of gold letters emphasizes elegance and luxury

Classique Occasions’ simple letterhead is ageless in style and gives a classic touch to any project. The mix of gold lettering over a flowery watermarked backdrop exemplifies sophistication and elegance.

Decorate It

Find a printer that can accommodate some distinctive printing effects if you truly want your letterhead to stand out. Jennifer Lucey-design Brzoza’s uses both full-bleed (no margins) printing and what seems to be metallic ink for a unique effect.

Your letterhead should be framed

Vantage College Advisors’ letterhead makes effective use of their basic yet powerful monochromatic logo. The big V sign in the logo is positioned at the top of the page and extends to make a basic yet strong frame for the full letterhead.

Emphasis on Typography

Try a design that emphasizes typography, such as this letterhead from Alex Rinker, for a vintage look. It has a good variety of types, ranging from a strong, shadowed sans serif to a vintage-style script, transforming important information into an eye-catching design element.

Maintain a simple aesthetic

The letterhead design by DAUM & CO is an example of minimalism at its finest. It simply employs the company letterhead template’s own circular marquee on one side of the letterhead to avoid distracting from the primary content. The subdued colors and placement of the logo on the letterhead provide an overall impression of refined beauty.

Use Meaningful Illustrations

This design uses positive and negative space creatively (in this example, using silhouettes) to add images that conveys something about the brand and is relevant to the intended audience (presumably adventure-seeking types). Damian Hernandez’s design is made even more appealing by the high-contrast red and white color palette.

Use clever visuals to highlight your services

The Marox letterhead is beautifully created, with the logo at the bottom of the page and images on the side. The blue downward arrows printed down the left border of the page emphasize the company’s philosophy of stability and dependability while also acting as a vector towards the logo.

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Don’t Forget About the Reverse Side

If you’re mailing actual letters, having anything on the backside, even if it’s only a solid color or a pattern, adds polish and pizzazz to the design. If you look closely, you’ll see that the design on Matt Yow’s letterhead comprises forms similar to the logomark on the front.

Use textured paper with an embossed logo

This letterhead plays with your sense of touch, adding a tactile aspect to the overall design. This letterhead is made of high-quality textured paper and features a three-dimensional logo embossed in the top center. The complementing hues fade into the background, focusing attention on the texture.

Consider a Badge or Crest

A badge or crest is a great alternative for a personalized design to create your letterhead around, especially for personal stationery. Images or icons that symbolize your personality or hobbies can be included. However, as seen in this design by AJ Brockman, these sorts of visuals may also work well as a company letterhead template.

Include aspects of Your Vision

The letterhead for Gather & Co is inspired by a traditional basket weaving, which is key to their organic brand image. The weaving pattern was also employed to form the border of the letterhead, emphasizing the company’s vision.

A well-crafted letterhead design may be a powerful tool for boosting your brand and just making a positive impression on the individuals with whom you communicate. Use branding components like as logos, symbols, and color schemes in novel ways. Find new methods to integrate these aspects to create a cohesive appearance that can be used on many print items, such as business cards and envelopes.


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