When it comes to choosing between the Kindle Paperwhite and the Signature Edition, there are some features that should be considered. The Paperwhite has 8GB of storage space, while the Signature Edition has quadrupled that. It also comes with Wireless charging. So, which is the better model? Keep reading to learn more. And don’t forget to check out our full review to make sure you get the best one for you!

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition Vs Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition Vs Kindle Paperwhite

32GB of storage

The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition has a thin design and a high-resolution display that mimics printed pages. It also features 32GB of storage, is wirelessly charged, and can be held in one hand. Its screen is also waterproof and anti-glare with an adjustable warm light. Regardless of where you’re planning on reading, you can’t go wrong with this tablet.

The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition has 32GB in its memory, which is more than enough for most people. It also has features like auto-dim screen and wireless charging. It also comes with a USB-C port for charging. And if you’re a heavy user, it’s likely you won’t need all 32GB of storage. A larger storage capacity is also good for users who like to read books with a lot of content.

A standard Paperwhite has 8GB of storage and an optional microSD card for extra storage. While the average ebook occupies only a few megabytes, it can take up to five hours to download an entire book. If you’re a voracious reader, a 32GB Paperwhite can hold about 1,600 books. And since it’s WiFi-only, you can even sync its last-read location with a cell phone.

Aside from its large storage, the Paperwhite Signature Edition is equipped with a wide range of other features, including Wordwise. It superimposes itself on pages and shows alternate meanings of words. A family member can share the same content through Amazon’s Family Sharing feature. If the parents are both online, they can share content, while four children can use the same device. Another useful feature is the Popular Highlight System. With this system, you can see how many people worldwide have highlighted a particular book and take screenshots.

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The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition comes with 32GB of storage. The paperback-sized screen is easy to use and surrounded by thin bezels. Its E-Ink Carta touchscreen is a touch-screen, which means it has a resolution of 1236 x 1080 pixels. It is protected by a glass cover. The bezels are slim, and it supports E INK Regal technology, which eliminates full refresh and provides smooth transitions between pages.

No cellular option

The email referring to this issue is aimed at the U.S. customer base, but owners of other Kindle models worldwide will face the same problems. For example, the UK’s Vodaphone has plans to phase out its 3G network by the end of 2022. Telenor has already started the process in Sweden. So the Kindle owners in the rest of the world will face similar problems.

Despite the absence of a cellular option, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has a number of notable features. It comes with an auto-adjusting light sensor and USB-C or wireless charging capabilities. Unfortunately, the new model lacks a physical page turn button. Instead, you’ll need to tap the screen to turn the pages. No cellular option means that you’ll be limited to using it for a few hours at a time.

The power button on the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is located near the USB-C charging port, making it difficult to reach while using the tablet stand. This makes pressing the power button one-handed awkward. Pressing the power button up or down requires two hands for stability. Pressing to the side requires both hands. A top-mounted button would have improved one-handed usability. Sadly, there is no cellular option on the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition.

No cellular option on Kindle Paperwhite’s Signature Edition: Another notable missing feature on the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is a cellular modem. Previous Paperwhite models included cellular data, but this feature is now reserved for the Kindle Oasis. Lastly, the micro-USB port on the Paperwhite Signature Edition has been replaced by USB-C, which will allow the device to receive and transfer files.

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Monochrome design

The monochrome design of the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is not ideal for reading comic books. The screen is comprised of tiny capsules that contain small particles of pigment. When a black particle moves to the top of a cell, it darkens the pixel. These new colour panels are effective on touch controls and offer higher resolution than previous modifications. Furthermore, they change color faster than ever.

The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition’s display is a good size. It is slim and light, making it easy to hold in one hand and sling in a bag. The monochrome design makes it easy to grip and use. The Kindle Paperwhite is available in black, while the official case line offers a selection of colours. The monochrome design of the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition may not be suitable for comics, but it will be good for reading books and other media.

The monochrome design on the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is an upgrade from the previous model. It has a more modern look, including a rounded back. It retains the Kindle logo underneath the screen. Although the screen is touchscreen-based, it lacks the responsiveness and sensitivity of modern devices. The Kindle Paperwhite also has an inbuilt blue light filter to control the warmness of the display backlight.

While the new Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition has an attractive design, it still has one major flaw – it doesn’t have physical page-turning buttons. This has long been a complaint with the Paperwhite series. Having physical page-turning buttons offers a better tactile response to the reader. The only other Kindle device with physical page-turning buttons is the Kindle Oasis.

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Wireless charging

Wireless charging for Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is one of the latest additions to Amazon’s lineup. It makes it possible to charge your device anywhere, even when it’s on standby. The new wireless charger is also compatible with the company’s other Kindle devices. Wireless charging for Kindles is becoming increasingly common, thanks to newer devices such as the Apple iPhone. Using a USB-C cable, you can connect the device to a compatible wall outlet, and then use a Qi wireless charger to charge it wirelessly.

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One problem with wireless charging is that there are a few incompatible models. Amazon lists some of them on its site, including chargers from Belkin, CE Link Limited, Samsung C&T, and Shenzhen Injoinic Technology Co., Ltd. Other manufacturers include TYLT, Novero dabendorf GmbH, and Samsung. A good option for wireless charging your Kindle is a dock that will fit into the space between the wireless charger and e-reader.

There are several wireless chargers available for Kindle Paperwhite. However, it can be difficult to find one that is compatible with your specific device. You’ll need to know the exact model of your Kindle Paperwhite in order to purchase a wireless charger. In addition to buying a charging dock, you can purchase protective covers for your Kindle, as well as keyboards for specific tablet designs. Wireless charging for Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is possible with a compatible 10W Qi wireless charger.

In addition to the wireless charger, the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition has USB-C ports for data and charging. The device is made of 60% post-consumer recycled plastic. It is a thin device, with a plastic exterior that is easy to grip. You can also purchase a case to protect the device and add a splash of colour to your Kindle. It is also waterproof, with an IPX8 rating.

The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is a big upgrade from the Paperwhite we reviewed last year. It adds an adjustable warm light, a larger display, and USB-C support. The price is the same as the regular Kindle Paperwhite. Wireless charging for Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is now available for both models, but not all of them have this feature. It’s important to check the compatibility of the charger you buy with your new Kindle before making the purchase.


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