ISO Survey – Total Number of ISO Certifications Issued Globally

At QMS, we do an annual evaluation of the ISO Survey at the identical time as published, have a look at those numbers every 12 months via a bit of writing on our Blog, and draw our conclusions for each marketplace to apply as a benchmark of their strategies. 

ISO certification every 12 months conducts a survey on the variety of certifications withinside the worldwide, the so-known as ISO Survey, a crucial parameter to confirm the quantity of ISO Certification withinside the worldwide. The survey has a base date of the preceding 12 months, that is, the numbers indexed in it communicate with certifications legitimate till December 31, 2020.

ISO Certification

ISO at once contacts certification our our our bodies the worldwide, requesting the very last contact of a chain of bureaucracy to consolidate the records and release the ISO Survey for the preceding 12 months each September. 

 We emphasize that the ISO Survey isn`t continuously a survey to be evaluated in absolute numbers, that is, the right quantity of certifications of a given Standard, however, what`s the increase fashion, what turn out to be the better or decrease the percentage, the increase highlights, the situation for this increase, amongst others. This is due to the fact the survey is voluntary and now not all certification our our our bodies get maintain of to take part or are even now not capin a role to take part, which gives a completely massive margin of mistakes nearly approximately the actual numbers. 

Therefore, be well privy to this on the identical time as comparing the studies or studying someplace approximately the variety of certifications in a specific u . s . for a given Standard. That stated, let`s analyze. 

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ISO 9001 – Resilience has generally been your strength

The ISO Survey in fact suggests a fashion of growing ISO 9001 certifications international, this fashion turns out to be already determined final 12 months interrupting a fall from 2015 to 2018 because of the transition from the stylish model of ISO 9001. This in fact suggests the significance of the Standard for plenty sectors, and the requirements of requirements, ISO 9001, more potent than ever. 

We furthermore emphasize that even in a tough 12 months like 2020, in which a few economies and organizations collapsed because of the pandemic, ISO 9001 proved resilient and grew, over again developing to the depression of the pessimists on duty. 

ISO 14001 – The first-class surprise

For us, the massive surprise of ISO Survey is the ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems, the usual gives a completely strong increase nearly approximately preceding years withinside the worldwide. The ESG situation is counted so-referred to withinside the worldwide turn out to be in fact the motto for this growth, and ISO 14001 gives an adorable increase. We credit score rating score the strong increase of ISO 14001 international to China, which has visible a great growth in ISO 14001 certifications. 

ISO 45001 – Consolidates strong increase

ISO 45001 confirmed a strong increase, with the beneficial aid of the use of without a doubt the numbers we see the quantity of certifications growth with the beneficial aid of the utilization of virtually 5x from 12 months to another. In fact, the increase is justifiable given the period of migration from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001 and furthermore the adoption of numerous sectors to the cutting-edge regulation. 

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ISO 27001 – Keeps developing

The 27001 maintains to develop the worldwide, especially because of records of safety tips in numerous countries. The rapid tempo of preceding years has slowed down, however, the increase maintains, and ISO 27001:2013 Certification is one of the major certifications for the following decade. 

ISO 37001 – Impressive this increase

ISO 37001 extra than doubles the quantity of Iso certification 

International, the youngest desired analyzed here, had a tremendous adoption withinside the worldwide, an increase that locations ISO 37001 as one of the major certifications at the planet, in lots plenty much less than five years. Imagine in 20 years!


ISO certifications keep growing everywhere withinside the worldwide, and organizations are increasingly extra searching at this fashion and searching out increasingly requirements to certify their techniques and decorate their inner management. 

You who are an expert who works with any of those stated requirements, congratulations! You are in a developing marketplace 12 months after 12 months, an awesome deal to the dismay of the naysayers! 

And can also furthermore the following ISO Survey are available in 2022! Until then!


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