Is Kingdom Valley in Islamabad or Rawalpindi?

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

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What is Kingdom Valley Islamabad?

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a mixed-use development located in Islamabad, Pakistan. The development consists of residential apartments, shopping malls, a hotel, and restaurants.

The development was first announced in 2013 and construction began in 2014. The project was initially scheduled to be completed in 2016, but delays caused the completion date to be pushed back to late 2017.

Is it in Islamabad or Rawalpindi?

Kingdom Valley is located in Islamabad, but many people believe it should be in Rawalpindi because that’s where the development is taking place. The question of where Kingdom Valley actually is has been bugging locals for years, but there hasn’t been a clear answer.

According to experts, it may not even exist at all. “The area identified as Kingdom Valley on Google Maps appears to be part of Islamabad,” said Muhammad Asim Khan, head of the Edifices and Buildings Research Institute (EBRI). “The Rawalpindi Development Authority has also constructed buildings in Islamabad resembling those of the Kingdom Valley project.”

Location and Geography

Location and Geography
Kingdom Valley is located in Rawalpindi district of the Punjab province of Pakistan. The valley is on the outskirts of Rawalpindi city, north of the Murree Hills, east of the Chakwal Range, and south of the Hindu Kush. The area has a temperate climate with hot summers and cold winters. Much of the valley is covered by forests. There are many rivers and creeks in the valley, including the Jehlum River, which forms its southern border. Approximately 75% of Kingdom Valley’s population is Punjabi while 25% are Sindhi. Agriculture is the main occupation in Kingdom Valley. There are several villages located in Kingdom Valley: Abdullahpur Village, Gurdaspur Village, Islampur Village, Kotli Village, Manuwala Village, Musa Khan Village and Nauderoobai village.

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Kingdom Valley, located in Rawalpindi, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pakistan. It is a valley famous for its natural scenery and fruit orchards. The area has been inhabited since Neolithic times and was once part of the Harappa civilization. Kingdom Valley was annexed by the British in 1849 and became part of Rawalpindi District. In 1924, it was declared a municipality.

The valley is home to several ancient Islamic archaeological sites, such as the Qala Hira Fort and the Bara Kahu Tomb. There are also Hindu temples and churches in the area. The valley is accessible via road from Islamabad.

Culture and Religion

Islam is the predominant religion in Kingdom Valley, while Christianity is the main religion in Rawalpindi. The two cities are located about 30 miles apart and were founded as separate towns in 1865 and 1948, respectively. Despite their geographical proximity and shared history, residents of each city see themselves as distinct from the people of the other.

The residents of Kingdom Valley are predominantly Muslim, while the people of Rawalpindi are Christians. Both communities share a strong cultural identity that is evident in their traditions, customs and religious ceremonies. Islam is the dominant religion in both cities, with Christian churches playing a smaller role.

Kingdom Valley is home to a number of mosques and Islamic schools. The majority of Muslims in the valley adhere to Hanafi Sunni Islam, while Christians follow Roman Catholicism. There is also a small population of Ahmadi Muslims who follow a different interpretation of Islam.

Residents of Kingdom Valley celebrate all major Muslim holidays such as Eid al-Fitr (the end of Ramadan), Eid al-Adha (the festival commemorating Abraham’s sacrifice) and Muharram (the month after Ramadan when Shi’ite Muslims commemorate the death of Imam Hussein). Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter are also celebrated with enthusiasm by residents of Kingdom Valley.

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The two cities share many cultural traditions that derive from their respective religious backgrounds. For example, both communities observe strict social rules regarding modesty clothing and behavior. Men are expected to wear conservative dress codes


Kingdom Valley is located in Islamabad, Pakistan, but many believe it to be in Rawalpindi. This is because the valley was originally part of the Rawalpindi district, until it was annexed by Islamabad in 1995. The reason for this discrepancy lies with the way the districts are defined in Pakistan. According to the Constitution of Pakistan, each district must have a minimum population of 500,000 inhabitants. However, because Rawalpindi’s population is much higher than Islamabad’s, the latter was able to annex the former without meeting this requirement.

Despite being located in Islamabad, Kingdom Valley has a strong agricultural sector and is home to a number of major agricultural companies. These companies include GVK-Mahindra Agriculture Limited (GML), Pak-Agro Industries Limited (PAIL), and Karnaly Agricultural Co-operative Union Limited (KACU). Additionally, Kingdom Valley is home to a number of industrial companies, including Mittal Steel Mills Ltd., Google Pakistan PLC., and Infinity Engineering Company Ltd. These companies provide employment to a large number of people in the valley.

The economy of Kingdom Valley is largely dependent on agriculture and industry. However, these sectors are slowly growing due to increasing competition from other nearby provinces and countries such as China and India. Furthermore, terrorism has had a negative impact on the economy over recent years. For example, tourism has decreased significantly because of fears about safety; this trend is likely to continue


Kingdom Valley is a well-known private school in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It was established in 2005 by the current CEO, Mr. Shakeel Ahmed. The school has grown rapidly since then, with a student body of over 1,000 students from pre-school to tertiary level. The school offers both traditional and international curriculums and its facilities include a library, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, basketball courts, cricket pitches, and a playground.

The school has been praised for its excellent quality of education by parents and teachers alike. In addition to academic excellence, the school fosters social responsibility and personal development among its students. Kingdom Valley also participates in many charity events each year to support various causes close to the hearts of the staff and students.

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Kingdom Valley Healthcare System is a healthcare facility situated in Islamabad, Pakistan. It offers a wide range of healthcare services, including surgeries and medical treatments. The healthcare center is affiliated with the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom.

Kingdom Valley Healthcare System was established in 2006. It is owned by the Kingdom Group, which is an international healthcare conglomerate. The hospital has a total staff of 1,500 people, including 650 doctors and specialists. The hospital offers a wide range of medical services, including surgeries and medical treatments.

The healthcare center is affiliated with the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom. This means that it meets all the required standards and requirements set by the NHS. Patients who need to use the services of Kingdom Valley Healthcare System can be assured that they will receive high-quality care from qualified staff members.

The hospital has partnerships with various hospitals around the world. This enables it to offer its patients access to a wide range of medical treatments and services. In addition, Kingdom Valley Healthcare System also has close ties with various universities and colleges in Pakistan. This allows it to collaborate with leading academic institutions in order to provide its patients with cutting-edge education and treatment options.

Kingdom Valley Healthcare System is one of the most highly rated healthcare facilities in Islamabad. Its patients are often quick to praise its services for their quality and this has helped the facility to become one of Pakistan’s most popular


Kingdom Valley, Islamabad or Rawalpindi?
The answer to this question is not easy. Both Kingdom Valley and Rawalpindi have their own unique identities and appeal to different segments of the population.
Kingdom Valley, located in Islamabad,…


Kingdom Valley is located in Islamabad, Pakistan.


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