Is doing Azure Fundamentals Certification is Worth it?

Azure Fundamentals Certification

Microsoft Azure Certification:

The azure certification path is one of the MCP (Microsoft Certification Program), a certificate of Microsoft Corporation and is a qualification that certifies knowledge and skills related to Azure.

In recent years, cloud services in business have become commonplace, and the Microsoft Azure certification is gaining attention.

What advantages can Azure certifications offer?

  • Increased trust from inside and outside the company
  • Proof of your skills and knowledge
  • Ability to systematically learn skills and knowledge related to Azure

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Microsoft offers the Azure Architect certification. By acquiring the certificate, you will be trusted by internal personnel evaluations and external people such as business partners. Also, it isn’t easy to prove your skills and knowledge in the IT world, but you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge by qualifying. Especially when evaluating personnel or changing jobs, the existence of qualifications will be beneficial.

In addition, azure security certification are prepared for each level, and it is possible to learn about Azure by studying for certification systematically. There are a wide variety of Azure services, and a certain amount of knowledge and experience is required to determine “which service is appropriate to use in what situation.” Therefore, by studying for a qualification, you can check your understanding of Azure and acquire skills and knowledge to use Azure more. Azure certification cost is very reasonable. 

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General characteristics of all Azure Certifications

 To finish, a series of important details that are common to all these certifications:

  1. You do not need to take any official course to be able to take the exam.

Most individuals ask this one-million-dollar question. You do not need an expensive official course; you can prepare it on your own or with one of the available courses.

  1. Certifications expire each year (Changes in 2021)

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Currently, azure certifications must be renewed every year. Fortunately, the renewal exam is not as long if it is for renewal as a normal one. (Microsoft alters this on a daily basis; it is possible that they have altered it once again.) You will have to take the normal test if you miss the year.

  1. You can try Azure for free

You have a specific credit for one month ($200 or €170 at the moment) or until you spend it and then access various services for 12 months.

How often does the certification expire?

Unlike the “superior” exams (administration, developer, architecture, etc.). Fundamental certifications do not expire. In other words, once you pass the exam, you have your certificate forever.

This opinion is personal. But it’s worth having the basic exam Az-900, Dp-900, Ai-900, etc., even if you have the superior certification of Az-104, Dp-203, Ai-101… since it will not expire and you have the possibility of taking the exam for free. 

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Is it necessary to do a “superior” certification?

No, it is not necessary, though doing so is recommended. For example, you got certified from Az-103 (Azure Administrator), and then you saw the free event and got certified from Az-900. And many people on the channel have done it this way.

If you have never taken an exam of this type, the experience of having gone through a more basic exam can help you for “D-day.” Having previously gone through that process can help you.

Does it have value on the resume?

It is an essential certification. At the curricular level, it does not have much weight. But it guarantees a minimum of knowledge you have. Perhaps it is designed more than for technical people, such as salespeople, managers, and human resources specialized in IT. You always learn something by studying a certification.

Get Azure certification and use it for your business.

The azure fundamentals certification is a certification that certifies the knowledge and skills related to Azure, the cloud computing service provided by Microsoft. By acquiring the Azure certification, you can prove your skills and knowledge and gain the advantage of systematically learning Azure by increasing trust from inside and outside the company and learning to qualify.


The main reason for getting certified would be the possibility of professional improvement. Cloud computing is more important than ever. Earning your Azure certifications will help your career because employers are actively searching for people with the appropriate abilities.

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