Instagram stories viewer 2022

Instagram stories viewer 

Finding content to share on Instagram Stories can often feel overwhelming. To help you make your content stand out from the rest, Instagram rolled out several new features, including the ability to add text and music to your stories.

. Dumper is an exciting tool for watching profiles, tags, videos, etc on Instagram.

SmiHub provided a view of Instagram stories and made it possible to download them without any Instagram account


Most importantly, though, the new feature comes with new promotion tools and analytics, letting you see exactly which parts of your story got the most likes, comments, and re-posting.

1. Increase your reach

Make sure you’ve created a profile in Instagram’s search tool to help you find people to follow, and that profile is visually pleasing (see my example below). You can also follow hashtags and people who use them, like #fitness or #beauty, to find more like-minded people. Some apps like Followerwonk look at your social media history, content, and location and create a feed for you to follow. Instagram allows you to follow up to five people at one time, but the number varies depending on which app you’ve installed.
Instagram Stories make it easy to reach your followers, so long as you follow the right people and make your profile attractive. Instagram Story creation comes with many steps, including creating your account, filling out a questionnaire, and creating a profile for yourself and your followers. You’ll want to add your Instagram username and user ID, as well as a cover image, a bio, and a photo (you can also upload photos from your camera roll).
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Share a photo, take one of your photos with the background blurred, or share a selfie on Instagram Stories. Here are a few tips on creating good Instagram Stories:
Use your Instagram profile’s location to post images related to your location
Add a hashtag in the caption, and adjust the caption if necessary
Switch your background photo (whether it’s a photo from your camera roll or from your account) to one that you love, to create a story for each post
Your Story will automatically be deleted after 24 hours, unless you share it again

2. Ask your audience to post for you

Most people use the hashtag in their posts, but you can ask people to do it for you, too. With Instagram Stories, you can share a post and ask people to share it for you. This is different from Instagram’s other user-generated feature, Stories. On Stories, you can post a photo or video and ask people to share it (similar to the “interested in…” box in Instagram Stories). use a sticker to hide your message. Or, you can just post the photo or video in its full glory. You can also add a hashtag to your post, but the hashtags don’t play any role in adding your post to someone’s profile.
The idea of using hashtags to promote posts is that they get you more visibility
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