Importance of Data and Market Research in App Creation

During the pandemic, many organizations and institutions made the shift to digital platforms to keep their operations going, several companies built new custom apps to support this digitization. According to Business wire report, companies have invested over $106.27 billion in app development. This industry has an expected growth of 18%, meaning it should have a value of $407.31 by 2026.

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store are some of the most popular places for developers to upload their software so they’re accessible to their target audience. With the rising e-commerce and digital-based market, the adoption of mobile applications is starting to become standard practice for all kinds of businesses and nonprofits. But to release a successful app, these organizations need to have proper data and market research.

What is data and market research?

Data has become an important aspect of today’s business world with more companies across every industry looking to bring in specialists. This has led to a big increase in data courses at higher education, with data science programs increasing to 50 in 2020 from 13 in 2014. Those who pursue data science as their major build the skills to explore, analyze, monitor, manage, and visualize large data sets using the latest technology. And in today’s smart device-centric society this has made them highly in-demand with app developers.

Before jumping into analyzing your target audience, it is first important to define what particular aspects you should know about them. Data and market research should be defined and shaped by criteria that determine whether a new product or service is suitable for your clients. It can be done by your organization or by a third-party company that specializes in research. Some of the most common mediums for data collection are surveys, product testing, and focus group discussions.
Other ways research can help

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1. Gain market insights

According to Thomas Park, Founder of Codepip “The first and most important reason why research is beneficial when making an app is that it can give you more insights into the people you wish to serve. This will tell you what feature they will be needing from your app, which services you should offer, and which marketplace the software should be available on. Having a trained analyst who can examine the data using their critical thinking, risk assessment, and business understanding will be a big help when it comes to understanding the information collected and help you understand the next steps to take in developing and releasing an app.”

2. Create effective strategies

As mentioned earlier, research can help you make informed decisions when it comes to app creation and will therefore aid you in creating a successful strategy and development plan. Launching a program without ample amounts of data will lead you to waste time, money, and energy because it might not be the kind of software that your employees or your clients need. With proper assessment, your organization will be able to find what strategy or plan of action works best for the kind of app you wish to develop and for the employees working on the project. More importantly, you can create strategies that can be seamlessly integrated into work operations and workflows.

3. Increase app user-friendliness

According to Piyush Jain, Founder of Simpalm, an app development company in USA “Data and market research will allow you to gauge the need and pain points of your prospective users. You should conduct focus studies with various user groups to understand what they need. This will also help you to determine the level of intuitiveness that can be used with the software. Creating a user-friendly app is important for success. If the design is not useful for your targeted audience, they would uninstall the app. You should create clickable wireframes and visual prototypes and conduct research on them with your prospective users to learn the design usability, friendliness and effectiveness.”

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4. Find areas of improvement

Data and market research shouldn’t stop during the conceptualization phase. It is important for you to beta test your apps before launching them to the public to ensure that they are functioning properly and that all the kinks are smoothed out. Software bugs are not uncommon, but it is best to spot them as early as possible to make necessary changes. Some of the typical ones include compatibility issues, constant crashing, and glitches in the interface that can be frustrating for users. Having people test the app before launching, especially on different types of devices, will ensure that enough data is collected to fix any issues. So, once it is released to the public, users will be able to enjoy it without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.


It is clear that data and market research truly plays a big role when it comes to developing and launching a successful app. Not taking the time to do so may result in the software not being functional or in a backlog of support requests from users who are not getting the functions they need from the program. Having the necessary information will help you create a strategy that not only satisfies your client’s needs but also does the job of making your employee’s tasks easier and efficient.

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