How to store baby bottles? | Best Ideas [2022]

If you’re breastfeeding or pumping, feeding your baby is often accompanied by lots of bottle fragments that soon turn into entire chaos. There are, however, a few bottle-storing ideas for babies from insanely organized mothers that can help you with managing the chaos!

When your child is nursing or feeding through bottles, there are bottles and other things that could take up a large portion of your kitchen counter. Make use of these creative Baby bottle storage strategies and suggestions to regain control of your counter. Also, ensure that mess is kept to a minimum.

Top 10 Best Ideas How TO Store Baby Bottles?


The plastic drawers that can be used for storage are the best option for arranging baby bottles. They’re cheap sturdy, long-lasting, and can provide ample space for bottles and breastfeeding necessities in one spot.


This cart that can be used for multiple purposes is among our best nursery hacks to organize and is perfect for storing and organizing bottles for babies too. Utilize the cart to keep track of baby bottles, Nipples, tubes for the pumping machine, and much more. You’ll be in the position of keeping your counter clean of clutter.


The most inventive way to store bottles is hanging on the shower caddy to create simple and efficient storage. This is perfect if you are looking to avoid cluttering the counter or flooring space.

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4.       DRYING RACK

Washing your hands is an absolute necessity for certain baby items such as the pumping part of pacifiers and the Nipples. A drying rack can assist in keeping your counters tidy and clean.


The drying rack enables users to dry their bottles, and keep them organized. It’s an excellent storage device due to its vertical structure. It can accommodate up to 16 bottles.


Be certain that infant bottles, baby pacifiers’ nappies, and other things are organized with the aid of a basket organizer that is similar to the one in this picture. Make use of bins to keep the various items easily.


Organize infant bottles, nipples, and more in this unique design. The 360-degree rotation, as well as the clear bins, enables you to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for. It can be put on your counter or the shelves of cabinets.


An affordable and easy baby bottle organizer is to use transparent plastic bottles to store bottles as well as other components. Put them on your counter or place them in cabinets and stop spills from happening.


One of our most loved nursery storage solutions and strategies is to make use of these racks which are above the door to maximize space. Use an over-the-door shelf inside your cupboard to keep baby bottles as well as other accessories as well as bibs. The entire thing will remain safe and you’ll be able to organize everything in one place without the need for counter space.

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We were contemplating before trying to figure out ways to store baby bottles; we could put the bottles in a cabinet, as we have done with our cups and glasses.

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It was simply an issue of not allowing the bottles to tip more than 1,000 times in a day when we were trying to find an answer. As it appears, the baby’s empty bottles are quite light.

How to store baby bottles

Preparing For Kitchen Cupboard Clutter Rescue

If you’ve attempted to organize your life and ended up in more mess than the one you started with you probably weren’t prepared beforehand.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to take all of your items out without an alternate strategy. Organizing is similar to buying new sheets. After you take these sheets from your box and place them in the bin and put them away, they won’t be returned in the same manner.

If you’re looking for suggestions to organize your kitchen space then this content provides incredible ideas for organizing baby bottles as well as a cute layout for the pantry.

After you’ve had a blast here’s what you need to be aware of before starting:

  • Reserve spaces: In addition to your cabinets, it is important to make sure that you have spaces in your kitchen that are specifically designated for Sippy cups and bottle-related activities. Cleaning sterilizing, storage, and washing. Baby bottles as well as the many parts that they carry are capable of filling up the drying space. It’s worth investing in a quality drying rack to dry bottles that will need to be kept near the sterilizer.
  • Sort first, and then store: To avoid wasting cash on storage equipment you don’t need, don’t buy anything to store your Sippy cups and bottles until you’ve figured out what you’ll need to keep and how many of them you already have.
  • Re-evaluate your needs: Considering the frequency that how your child will drink from Sippy cups or bottles and the frequency you’ll be willing for cleaning and sterilizing. If your child is still using bottles, ensure that you have enough bottles on hand to ensure that you only have to sterilize them a couple of times per day. For children older than that make sure to limit the number of Sippy containers to a minimum of one or two days. The majority of children consume their preferred drink and then the remainder eats up valuable space.
  • Get ready to rid of: If you’re looking to clear out the clutter in your cabinets, make sure you get rid of a few things. It could be items you’ve kept around because of sentimental reasons, or in the hopes of being able to access them in the case of necessity.
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It is important to keep this in mind when you’re planning to have more children, take note of conserving your bottles in case you have a new infant. Make sure you examine every bottle for any cracks or scratches. Also, look for discoloration.

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It is vital to ensure that baby toys, clothing such as bottles, furniture, and other objects are in good functioning condition before the arrival of your baby. Mildew, pests, and mold could ruin your baby’s toys and may even affect your baby’s health if you are using contaminated products and do not know it.

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