How to Help Your Bird Gain Weight

You can help your bird gain weight by doing several things. However, the first thing you should do if your bird seems to be losing weight is to make an appointment with your bird vet for a thorough checkup. Weight loss in birds can be caused by many serious health issues. To ensure your pet’s safety, a licensed veterinarian should examine any apparent weight loss.

Identify the reason

Your veterinarian may be able to determine the cause of your bird’s weight loss. Japanese Birds If so, he or she will recommend a plan to help you get your pet back on track. You should always follow the advice of your veterinarian if this happens. If your bird is healthy, however, you may need to change the diet to restore its ideal health. You may just need to introduce more of the favorite food of your bird to increase your pet’s appetite.

Weight Gain Diet

Peanuts are a food that packs a strong punch of calories and fat. Fortunately, most birds love peanuts. Your bird will gain weight and calories by including more peanuts. Be careful not to go overboard. Birds can be very picky eaters. Many birds will pick out their favorites from a variety of food, so it’s important to not overdo it. This can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Pellet diets are highly recommended. 

You can also offer extra sunflower seeds to your bird to aid in weight gain. These tasty little seeds are also high in fat and a favourite of many bird species. 3 It should not be difficult to coerce your bird into eating them.

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Millet spray, another favourite pet bird

treat, is also high in calories and can help pets gain weight. Millet should not be fed to pets too often. Although it may help your bird gain weight, it is not as nutritious and can contain what you might call “empty” calories. You might consider incorporating this treat into a recipe like a birdie loaf to make it more nutritious. You can ensure that your bird receives a greater variety of vitamins and minerals by adding these ingredients. What do baby birds eat 

Make sure you have a quality bird scale. Keep a log of every bird’s weight from day to week. If you notice that your bird’s weight fluctuates by more than an ounce, it is best to consult your avian veterinarian to ensure your bird is eating the correct diet. You could endanger your bird friend if you fail to do this.

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