How to get baby to say mama?

It is likely that how to get baby to say mama, before your baby speaks in the very first instance with physical language, they can be able to comprehend the meaning behind many phrases. Between 6 to 9 months of age, there is an exciting shift in your child’s behavior when she shifts her gaze away from you towards your mouth when you’re talking.

This happens because children become more aware of how to communicate. Being aware of your mouth when you talk allows your child to see how the sounds are created through your mouth. It also allows baby to imitate your voice as best they could.

There’s something truly lovely about the word “four letters!” Hearing that your baby says “mama, “mama” for the first time is an unforgettable moment for any mother however, we’re all waiting for more than anyone else to hear the two-syllable expression. There are a variety of ways to help your child to speak faster these are the top methods to teach your child to talk to mama.

Let’s Talk About Milestones

How to get baby to say mama?

4-6 Months

Milestones are the stages of growth during which children begin to display certain behaviors or acquire specific abilities. For instance in speaking, babies begin to babble at the age between four and six months old. It is at this point that they begin to investigate their abilities to make various sounds and start to imitate the sounds of their parents. However, they don’t know the intention behind their sound effect.

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7-9 Months

As children reach 7 months old age, they’ll begin to string together certain vowel and consonant patterns. Be aware that your child might say “mama” at this age but she doesn’t know what it means.

10+ Months

As they reach their tenth month at the age of 10 months old and a half, the baby will begin to understand the words that you’re saying to the baby. This is an important time that will result in your child uttering their very first real words around the age of their first birthday.

It is essential to remember that it is not a typical birth and that each baby is different. Many babies are born between 18 months to two years old, and that’s normal. It was not until two years that communication difficulties become a problem. If you’re the parent of a baby girl, she’ll most likely start speaking earlier than one of the boys.

Are you looking to learn the secrets of something? It’s possible to teach your child to learn to say “mama” without saying to them “say, mama”. Here are some methods to help your child learn to say “mama”. Children are sponges. They copy the things they see or hear. *
If you would like your child to say “mama,” they must be taught to use the term “mama”, they will need to hear your repeat “mama” repeatedly over and over repeatedly.

The more frequently children are exposed to “mama,” the more they hear “mama”, the better. You’re encouraged to sound like a continuous recording by means of how to get baby to say mama.

How to get baby to say mama?
How do get your child to say, mama?

  • Repeat “mama” multiple times during conversations. It’s acceptable to talk about yourself in Third Person. “Mama is making dinner.” You could speak about yourself and inquire “Who’s this?” This is…. (Pause)”Mmmmm Mama” (stretch then stretch “m “).
  • Take a look at Jimmy Fallon’s story “Everything Is Mama”: I like this book because it is a repetition of “mama,” the English word “mama” multiple times. Children learn and gain from repetitions. The book is available here.
  • PLAY-PEEK-ABOOT Be afraid to crawl in a blanket and then say “Where’s Mama? Here she is. Where’s Mama?” In and out and over.
  • Do not say “MAMA”- In most instances, when we put demands on our children to use a particular word, they’ll be doing the opposite. It is recommended to teach the word by saying (use) the word over and over throughout the day so that they’re in a position to listen and watch how you say the word.
  • Put your child’s hands-on your mouth Put your child’s hands-on your mouth so that they can feel the motions of your mouth, and hear hearing the sounds.
  • Face your child If you say “mama”, face your child to make sure they see their faces. Your mouth will teach your child how to pronounce “mama” in a way.
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4 ways to get your baby to talk with Mama

How to get baby to say mama?

1. Grab a hold of it!

Your child should feel your mouth when they make the “M” sound! This will enable them to see your mouth and hear the word or sound, and also feel the “M” sound! This is also known as “The Trifecta”, which gives your baby tactile as well as auditory and visual feedback, so they can repeat the word you speak after you!

2. Peek-a-boo mommy!

Find a spot to hide behind a door or under a blanket. Once you are out you’ll tap your body and then you’ll say “Mama”! Repeat this multiple times to reinforce the message. Once you’ve done this several times…do it again, but do not make an appearance suddenly. We’ll see whether your child responds by saying “Mama” to get you to get out.

3. Photobook mama!

Create a photo album comprising numerous photographs (or simply photographs) that you have taken. Every time you are featured in the book, make sure you highlight your image then call out “Mama”! Repeat this repeatedly over time to make it more meaningful. Once you’ve completed this several times…point to a picture of yourself, then hold back, and do not mention the word “Mama” – Does your child respond by saying “Mama” instead?!

4. Video Mama!

Only do this if you feel comfortable and are in compliance with AAP guidelines regarding screen time. It is an adorable 10-second way to get your child to shout “Mama”. Film yourself and then move into the frame. While you’re on the screen, use the word “Mama”! Perform that “pop-in” 4 times, following which you’ll quit the screen for longer than pop back in and wait for five minutes until you can say “Mama”. Let’s check whether your child says “Mama” during that anticipated moment!

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Final Thoughts

To assist your child in learning to communicate with you how to get baby to say mama must find ways that are enjoyable and engaging to talk to the child. It is also important to make sure they make connections between the word and the person. If they don’t do this, they may be able to repeat the word as if they were an animal, but they’ll be unable to understand the meaning of the words they’re using.

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