How to Fix Slow Loading WordPress Website

When it comes to a business website, speed is quite crucial – so that it can make or cash your business in the online presence. A quick website means a more substantial customer experience and more visitors, whereas a slower site can lead to a lower ranking and fewer sales and conversions. Google likes quick-loading sites and ranks them higher in the search engine results than slow-loading sites.

It is a fundamental problem for website owners, bloggers, hobby web designers, and those who have a website. Also, visitors would be perplexed as to why a site runs slowly, whether it is their preferred social media platform, blog, or online shop that takes too long to load.

This article will explain why website speed I necessary and some best ways to fix slow-loading websites.

Why Is Website Speed Necessary?

A sluggish site can harm the overall website performance, leading to much worse results. Website speed influences SEO (search engine optimization) that can be an actual shock to all of the hard work you’ve done to rank your site high.

Aside from losing website visitors, slow website performance impacts search engine rankings (such as Google and Yahoo). It is because Google considers website speed to be an essential consideration in its search engine results.

Some Best Ways to Fix Slow Loading WordPress Website

Here are several best ways to fix slow loading website which we include:

  1. Network issue

Firstly you should consider is that your website’s slowness can be affected by your local network. Try loading another site to find out this situation and see if it is still sluggish to load. If it is, you must ensure that the local network is to blame. If it isn’t, it’s more likely due to an issue with your website.

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The next move is to perform a trace route from your laptop to the server, and it would display the network bounces among your website and the server and how long it took for the connection to go through every segment. To check this, try looking up the trace route code for your device and enter it into the computer’s command prompt.

A further alternative is to ask friends or family who live far away to try loading your site. If it works fine for them but not for you, it’s most probably a network problem.

  1. Slow web hosting

Usually, websites will take a long time to load due to server issues. A server, you see, is just like an engine; it sits inactive before anyone clicks on your website, and then, just like a car with a key in the ignition, it starts up. It runs by notifying your server and asking it to submit the data for your site over to load your site. If there’s a server problem, it will take longer than usual.

A reliable web hosting service is required to run your WordPress site. You can select from dedicated hosting, managed hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting, and more others. When it comes to website hosting services, there are various plans and features available at different prices. If you have chosen the lowest possible cost to save money without considering the functionality, you can get what you charge for. A bad web host can harm your website’s load time, productivity, and other factors like protection and scalability.

  1. Database issue

A brand-new site will load fast, but it will start to slow down and take longer to load when it gets older. The cause for this is related to the database since the more information stored in your database, and the more complicated the website is, the more probably your database won’t run as efficiently as possible when first released the website.

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Having a site that runs slowly can be a true nightmare because it can affect your performance as a company owner or blogger to try to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

  1. Optimize your website images

The use of large-sized and badly-optimized images on your site can be a significant cause for sluggish site loading. The use of high-resolution or large-sized images, as well as heavy image formats like BMP and TIFF, can consume your web server’s bandwidth, leading to a longer load time.

  1. Audit and maintain your plugins

Many sites are built with plugins, either not updated or no longer used for their intended purpose. There can also be site plugins that use many scripts and styles or run a lot of database queries. Such kinds of plugins can work as a hurdle to the overall functioning of your site by growing its loading time, and they can also raise security issues.

Conducting daily audits of all installed plugins on your site allows you to uninstall outdated/unwanted plugins and maintain just those required for their effective functioning.

  1. Compress your website files

Big website pages can expand the number of HTTP requests that consume proper server bandwidth, increasing site loading time (or web pages).

In this situation, compression tools are pretty helpful! Just like the prominent WinZip tool, which can compress your computer files as well as minimize the size of your site files? It is handy for large site pages with high-quality content.

  1. Using a poor quality theme

If you use poor-quality free themes, there’s a probability that they’ll come with a hefty price tag of secret ransomware or viruses. As a consequence, your website will load slowly.

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To avoid this, make sure that you install reliable themes from trustworthy providers. Don’t consider free stuff if you are unsure about its source. Keep your themes up – to – date as obsolete themes can act as a point of entry for malicious attacks.

An automated security scan plugin, like MalCare, can assist you in identifying and managing inconsistencies in your themes. You can also conduct core theme updates on numerous WordPress websites at the same time with ease.

Some Key Takeaways

In the modern technology world, each company is attempting to increase the number of visitors to its site to draw and involve the most significant number of visitors. Goods or service providers can no longer afford to neglect the value of a quick and high-performing site, whether it’s on the computer or mobile. If your company is experiencing a slow-loading site, you don’t need to worry! Here we have explained several best ways to fix a slow-loading website, which will be very helpful for you.

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