How Much Tape-Ins Cost & How Long They Last


If you’re looking to get hair extensions, you must first consider the tape-ins extensions. These extensions are easy to install and blend well with your natural hair. Moreover, since they are permanent, you will not have to worry about the extensions falling out. The following topics will answer all the questions you might have about hair extensions if you’re interested in them for the first time or if you’ve been considering them for a long time.

I’ve tried virtually every type of hair extension on the market, from the absolute best clip-in extensions to micro-beaded extensions and tape-ins. If you’re getting hair extensions for the first time or have been thinking about them, this guide will provide everything you need to know. Small, 1-inch wefts of hair are taped to your hair using a “sandwiching” method. Because the tape is thin and flat, the bonds are easily concealed.

How Much are Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Tape in hair extensions vary in price depending on your salon, the type of hair you buy, and how much of it you want to install. The hair cost is usually included in your initial appointment, but the installation fee is usually charged for subsequent visits. The hair used by your salon is reutilized over and over as you have removal- and installation-only appointments.

To give you an idea, my hair extensions (installation included) cost $1,000 at a high-end salon in NYC. Removal and installation sessions cost around $400. Tape-in hair lasts anywhere between eight weeks and a year. However, the hair itself can last between six months and a year.

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Will Hair Extensions Ruin My Hair?

Getting a precise haircut is a key to blending the extensions into your natural hair. Matting up at the roots is a sign that the extensions need to be maintained properly. Extensions need to be maintained properly. Therefore, we don’t recommend anything beyond that.

How Do You Care for Your Hair Extensions?

You can use any curling wand or iron to curl your extensions, and any hairspray will work. We recommend the hair dryer because it doesn’t apply a lot of heat to your natural hair or extensions. For sleeping, we recommend a low pony or braid to prevent the extensions from covering your pillow and getting tangled. You shouldn’t use full hair masks and only apply conditioner halfway down the hair shaft to the ends.

This method doesn’t work well with people who wash their hair once a week or less, as it leads to natural oil buildup and causes the extensions to slip out. This also applies to people who apply a lot of products, as they contain oils and extracts that can cause the extension to slip out.

How To Find the Right Color For Hair Extensions?

We offer blended color services. We’re able to blend two colors or even three colors into one strand to ensure an exact match. We blend colors to create a match exactly. Rather than alternating dark strands with light strands, we blend two colors to make one strand. Blended highlights look lumpy, as other salons frequently do by alternating a dark strand with a light one. That is why our blondes look so natural, and it is also why we charge more than other salons who do tape exensions balayage.

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When it comes to hair extensions, there are numerous options available. However, tape in human hair extensions are one of the simplest to apply and the least expensive. Tape in hair extensions are the best option for getting a different hairstyle or trying out a different color. We believe you found this blog post on tape in extensions helpful. It saves you time as well as money.

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