The car’s headliner is designed with many lights to create the starry night sky above your head while you drive through the city. The concept originated from Rolls Royce Phantom and was restricted to Rolls Royce; here at Star on Car, you can have any vehicle that’s eligible by our exclusive Starlight headliner packages and enjoy a stunning night sky with stars that float above your head.

Do you want your car’s roof to be a ceiling similar to a Rolls Royce? How nice could you feel to see a sparkling top of starlight’s in your home theatre? Many Rolls-Royce Ghost, Rolls-Royce Wraith, and Rolls-Royce Phantom owners show off their starlight headliner. But, not all vehicles feature starlight headers. Starlight head liner kits are available for various models and brands to make your vehicle stand out.

While they’re designed for use on cars, you can also apply them in bars, offices, theatres, and other places. Sit in your car, and you can take in the stars. Furthermore, it increases security when driving at night. Additionally, it permits you to achieve the classic appearance of Rolls.

Rolls-Royce Starlight Roof Headliner

Are you searching for an entirely new method to personalize your Rolls-Royce interior? Pick the starlight headliner of the Rolls-Royce to unleash your inner polymath, and try your hand at translating your artwork into the layout of the roof of your Rolls-Royce, featuring 1,900 stars. Then, you’ll work with Rolls-Royce designers to design an individual graphic design that shines in any color or layout. We’ll then go over how every Rolls-Royce star’s roof was created using hundreds of individually placed fiber-optic lighting.

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How much will it cost to transform the car’s roof interior into a Gypsophila? Car interior modifications

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  • price, let’s discuss the current price
  • 500 optical fibers, approximately 1500 optical fibers, and
  • 800 optical fibers of optical fibers, or about 2000 optical fibers,

The length of fiber optics Lights made of fiber optics is available in various lengths and diameters that can be used for multiple purposes. The lights typically range from 6.5 feet to 16.5 feet, based on the car’s size and the location where the light source will be kept. Of course, for smaller cars, like two-door coupes, just 6.5 feet is required, while for larger vehicles, between 9.8 feet and 13.1 feet will be needed to fit the car.

Starlight kits may also be bought with different sizes of lights. We believe that the other lights are crucial to maximize the use of your car’s headliner with starlight. The various lights can provide an authentic “three-dimensional” effect to your headliner by varying the intensity of the glow so that it can appear as if smaller stars are farther away.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Do sunroofs cause cars to be hotter?

The cabin’s interior appears more significant due to the light from the sun; however, there is a little less headroom for those with the panoramic sunroof. In the summer’s hottest seasons, the additional glass may make the inside of the vehicle warmer than cars with no sunroof.

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Are sunroofs in cars less secure?

Starlight headliner is important to note that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also evaluates vehicles for roof strength in its rating of cars. The crash test results have proven that the impact of a sunroof is not significant to the quality of the roofing.

Are there stars that you can put in the sunroof of a car?

Select the Sunroof option if the vehicle you are driving includes a sunroof. This will lower the number of stars required to cover your headliner and leave the sunroof space unoccupied. If you’d like to add stars on the sunroof cover, ensure that the body is safe to have fiber optic lighting installed.

What’s the benefit of tilting the sunroof?

The glass sunroof that is tilted and sliceable lets you enjoy a comfortable airflow that is draught-free. The glass roof allows more light into the room’s interior when shut.


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