How Can School LMS Help Students to Become Independent

How Can School LMS Help Students to Become Independent

How Can School LMS Help Students to Become Independent

The spread of school closures has harmed traditional teaching approaches. Technological flaws and the futility of rote learning began to emerge. In addition, the economic downturn caused schools to rethink their finances. Schools felt powerless as they were engulfed in difficulties.

Schools have resorted to a school learning management system (LMS) in such trying circumstances. This web-based platform provides a single, integrated location for educational materials, including content, assessment, grading, and administration tools. Education models for the twenty-first century must be considerably easier, more personalized, and interactive and should promote contemporary learning.

Features of LMS that Promote Student Independence

Some of the best learning management system will provide several features that will encourage students to become independent.

1. Automation and competency-based learning

Student autonomy entails allowing pupils to study at their own pace. It is also associated with competency-based learning. Teachers may use an LMS to create lessons, materials, and evaluations based on their students’ abilities. This is accomplished by linking competencies (or student skills) to the subject students must study.

2. Individualized learning routes

Creating customized learning pathways in the LMS also promotes student autonomy in the classroom. Learning routes are individualized learning flows that enable students to advance at their own pace.

In an LMS, learning routes are adaptable. They enable you to mix and match class parts with resources and material from other classes. Along the route, you may add tasks, challenges, and gamification elements like trophies and diplomas.

3. Self-grading quizzes

Student autonomy is inextricably linked to students’ capacity to self-assess their abilities. LMSs facilitate student self-evaluation via many evaluations, such as quizzes and essays.

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Auto-graded quizzes are one of the most popular and useful self-assessment tools for pupils. You may put them up in minutes, and as students finish them, you’ll simply have a summary of their marks in your digital grade book.

4. Ratings and feedback

In an LMS, students may rate the courses they take. This feature is useful not just for instructors since it allows them to generate more interesting class material. It also encourages student autonomy by allowing students to see which courses and resources their peers find more enticing. 

As a result, they may immediately access such resources and enjoy the most appropriate information for their requirements, depending on the views of other students.

An LMS class rating is shown in stars, with five stars being the highest ranking. Students may also post a review to assist others in understanding what to anticipate from a certain class.

5. Recommendations and tailored objectives

Learning suggestions are one of the LMS elements available in more sophisticated systems that have moved to ILPs. Robust algorithms that follow user behavior to offer the best suitable content power recommendations.

This system of suggestions has been introduced previously. You’ve undoubtedly seen it hundreds of times before, maybe through e-commerce. If you buy anything from an online store or marketplace, the next time you come back into your account, you’ll see suggested goods similar to your most recent purchase.


For students to succeed, independent learning is necessary. It is simpler to support learner autonomy in the school environment and outside of it, thanks to modern educational technology. The learning system is among the most well-liked tools for achieving this objective (LMS). Learn how your school’s LMS can help students become effective, independent learners.

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