How Can Astrologers Help In Giving You A Successful Career?

Indians have also relied on astrology for information on their career decisions, professional development, shifts in job possibilities, etc.

According to the locations of the planetary bodies at birth, astrology aids us in selecting the ideal career. In addition to marital astrology, an Indian astrologer in Canada has been offering consulting services in career astrology. A person’s perfect career not only promotes intellectual growth but also provides a means of enhancing their emotional and material well-being.

For everyone, having an excellent professional life is vital. Everyone puts in a lot of effort and works hard all hours of the day and night to succeed. Whether you run a competitive or non-competitive firm, you hope for success and rewards. Astrology has many applications, but one of them is enhancing the success of your professional development. Going above and above to better your chances of success is not wrong.

The importance of the 10th House in predicting careers

The house of activity and profession is the tenth house in the Kundli, also known as Karmasthana/Keertisthana or Rajyasthana. An individual’s job and career possibilities can be predicted by looking at their horoscope’s 10th house and the planets’ positions, particularly Saturn’s.

Saturn is a key factor in Vedic astrology’s predictions about a person’s career, success, and professional life. The professions that a person can follow and be successful are determined by the position of the 10th lord in each house of their Kundli. By examining the position of the 10th Lord in your natal chart by the Indian astrologer in Toronto, you can have a clearer understanding of the chances for success in business and career.

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Career predictions and Vedic astrology

People have been given the tools they need by Vedic astrology to choose careers that will enhance their quality of life and help them achieve social success and recognition. Astrologer examines a person’s natal chart, or Kundli, to determine what the celestial body placements say about that person’s financial and professional prospects, as well as the respect and recognition they receive from their profession, etc.

An astrologer can offer career advice to help the person lead a prosperous life after conducting a more thorough analysis of the houses and the planets. The Kundli is used to chart a person’s career prospects and considers the following homes or bhavas.

  • The second house represents money and the flow of wealth into a person’s life. It identifies the sources of revenue that someone who chooses a specific job or professional path can access.
  • The sixth house also denotes employment and occupation. It establishes the kinds of jobs that a person can hold.
  • If someone wants to establish a partnership business, the 7th house represents partnerships and specifies those prospects and potential rewards.
  • The house of careers, or the tenth house, is the primary signifier for a career. This home represents the type and rank of employment the person can get. It also specifies how a person’s karma is transformed into their behaviour.
  • The 11th house represents the source of gains that a person can obtain.

In addition to the mentioned houses, some planets also represent different occupations. They impact the 10th, 2nd, and 11th houses, influencing a person’s career decision.

  • Mercury: The planet Mercury impacts people who work in arithmetic, science, accounting, banking, travel, poetry, advocacy, printing, publishing, oratory, ambassadorship, clerkship, astrology, travel, secretarial work, and interpretation, among others.
  • Venus: Venus impacts various creative professions, including florists, perfumers, architects, musicians, and actors.
  • Sun: The Sun impacts people who work in the public sector, including leaders, financiers, noblemen, doctors, engineers, and goldsmiths.
  • Moon: The Moon has an impact on a variety of industries, including water supply, agriculture, shipping, and the Navy.
  • Mars: Mars impacts people who work as doctors, police officers, surgeons, engineers, etc.
  • Saturn: Saturn represents occupations that need a lot of physical labour, including agriculturists, farmers, miners, masons, sweepers, sextons, tanners, estate agents, dyers, plumbers, cobblers, scavengers, potters, coal merchants, jailers, and security personnel, among others.
  • Rahu: Rahu has an impact on a variety of fields, including engineering, politics, research, stockbroking, aviation, and speculation.
  • Ketu: Ketu impacts spiritually oriented professions like yoga, reiki, spiritual gurus, firefighters, archaeologists, etc.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter has an impact on a variety of professions, including those involving law, education, religion, the judicial system, administration, the revenue service, the treasury, the court system, temples, justice, arithmetic, economics, medicine, and grammar.


Based on the planetary positions in the natal chart, you can understand the optimum job alternatives and obtain corrective solutions for any unfavourable impacts. These services are available anytime and unrestricted by Indian astrologer in Canada. Vedic astrology has assisted millions of Indians in choosing the careers that will lead to their success and prosperity.

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