Here Is How to Make Relationship Stronger in a Dynamic Workforce

Dynamic Workforce

Mentorship is often prescribed as a career must-have—and for a good reason. However, finding a mentor is challenging. It is more difficult for people of color. Not only people of color but people from underserved communities face significant barriers to educational accomplishment and professional opportunities.

It is no shock that many people struggle to see themselves represented in leadership roles. Not only this, these people have a problem finding diverse mentors. Among today’s Fortune 500 CEOs, more than 85% are still white and male, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

However, the time we live in requires the right mentorship more than ever. The job market in the United States is fierce and dispersed. People are looking for more and better work opportunities than in the past. Employees who have tasted the luxury of working from home and keeping their work-life balance by having a stable internet connection, such as one from Windstream Kinetic, are ready to leave their jobs permanently when called back to the office. Having good internet service has never been more critical. Service providers like Windstream Communications and others are helping employees make non-traditional moves with their employment. 

More about mentorship

According to a report from the Journal of Career Development, this is an ethnically or racially excluded individual who faces mentoring barriers, is less mentored, and is poorly mentored than his Caucasian peers. To overcome this growing problem in the face of widening racial disparities in education and career development, quality mentoring opportunities must be prioritized for young people, junior professionals, managers, and senior leaders. 

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Here are some ways to implement the right mentorship and the need for mentorship in your work culture.

Diversify your mentors: This might be easier said than done but is worth the effort. A good mentor can shape the way you think. A good mentor can give you lessons that can benefit you in the long run. A good mentor can change the course of thinking, support your aspirations, and exemplify the qualities of a good, caring manager. From a good manager, you can learn the value of surrounding yourself with more diverse colleagues and mentors. Diverse leadership and mentorship make room for robust thinking. McKinsey and Company report shows how diverse leadership can lead to more productive work and successful business outcomes.

Give priority to mentoring: The mentor-mentee relationship brings many long-term benefits but requires conscious effort to maintain them. Even if you experience excessive work and personal commitment, make time for those relationships so they can continue growing. Schedule monthly or quarterly check-in and adjust as needed. Certain relationships may require more effort than other relationships at certain times. 

Bottom line

Creating a workspace of trust and healthy relationship is not easy. You must first work on putting the right people in the position of power. You have to first start with the managerial position. A manager should be more than a team leader. They should have the qualities of a good mentor. A good mentor later needs the team to succeed and achieve the more important goals.

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