Essential Adjustments for the Handicap Shower Chair

Essential Adjustments for the Handicap Shower Chairs

If you are dealing with low mobility, you have to face many difficulties in your daily routine. You have to call someone if you want to move, cook something, and go outside of your home. But, the most difficult challenge that disabled people have to face is in the bathroom. Buy shower chair from us.

Do you want to know why? Because the bathroom is one of the dangerous areas that get even more dangerous when water flows in. When a disabled person enters the bathroom, they can fall. Thus, there must be a solution, and SPN Mobility comes with a very affordable and reliable solution.

That is the installation of Handicap Shower Chair for people aging in place or dealing with reduced mobility. This chair is safe and lets the disabled person shower. And use the toilet without the assistance of any other person. In this way, they can easily take a shower with the help of this chair.

So, let’s talk more about this shower chair and discuss how you can adjust that properly for better comfort.

Backrest Height

When you buy a shower chair, make sure that the backrest is not static. Because if it is so, it will not accommodate everyone. Therefore, we make sure that the backrest can be lowered or lifted to accommodate every one of the different sizes of users without any problem. 

Our experts make sure that the back is supported by the seat. So that the disabled person can maintain their comfortable posture during toileting or showering. But, that may take several experiments for the perfect position, so don’t worry, take time to achieve the correct position. 

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Flat and Secure 

Another thing that we make sure of is that the chair is positioned flat and securely on the shower floor. This is because the Shower Chair for the Bath Tub provides disabled people with excellent safety. Therefore, it is essential to check that the chair allows for good traction and suction to the floor of the bathtub or the shower. 

In addition to this. l you should also check that the person sitting on the chair can independently adjust their legs on the chair. If it is figured at an angle, the person and their carer will have to work to find and maintain a stable, safe, seated position while having a shower.

Feet Rest Positioning

This is one of the important parts because it helps the feet relax and maintain a natural blood flow in the body. So, if you neglect this, the disabled person sitting on the shower chair can feel pain or get uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you palace these footrests high, it can also cause cramps, or put stress on your knees, which can be harmful.

SPN Mobility design these chairs in a way that reduces these problems and gives the benefit of supporting lower legs and feel from the chair itself. You can talk to our experts, and they will adjust the chair according to the requirements. Moreover, we can also make customized shower chairs

Arm Rest Positioning

If you get a lower-quality chair, we are not sure about the armrests. But if you buy a chair from SPN Mobility, they come with a high standard. Although these armrests are very useful for;

  • Protecting from sideways slumping out of the chair
  • Maintaining the stability of the person while he is sitting
  • Allowing for bathing of sides and underarms with no extra exertion by the user
  • Reducing tension on arms and hands
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So, it is essential to keep this point in mind for excellent safety.

Transfer Position

If you have a Disability Shower Chair, you have to ensure that it is placed as near the edge s possible and still allows a perfectly flat and safe grip on the floor. This is vital because when a person approaches the shower in a wheelchair, there is less distance to manually move the user. 

So, keep these points in mind before installing a shower chair.

A Quick Wrap Up!

To conclude all the discussion, we can say that a shower chair is a perfect solution that makes it super easy for you to take a shower. But, if you are looking for a company that manufactures such chairs, then nothing can beat the ability of SPN Mobility. We have the excerpts and the designers who take great care of the bathroom’s look and install these chairs with excellent efficiency. So, sit back and relax and let us handle all the work.

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