Different types of organic fertilizer for your garden

Organic fertilizer manufacturers

Like any other organism, plants need a variety of nutrients to grow properly and the soil microbes are normally present in healthy soil. The plant suffers in the absence of these nutrients. However, organic fertilizers were created to make up for any soil deficiency so that things can be grown in less than ideal spaces.

Some of the main nutrients found in fertilizers are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Organic fertilizer manufacturers provide numerous products to improve the plant’s soil microbes where they are used. They make the soil lighter so that more air is available to the plant rules besides assisting with water retention. These types of fertilizers even tend to be less likely to burn tender plant roots than synthetic products. An organic gardening fertilizer has tons of shapes and size. Read through this article to determine which bio fertilizer is best for your garden.

1: Cow manure

As you know, animal waste has a high mass nutrients ratio. It contains a respectable amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Cow manual works on gardens at a moderate rate of speed. All these elements help to make it an excellent compost additive. Even regular manure can end up burning plants if too much is used or more often. So, in organic gardening use manure sparingly.

2: Cottonseed meals

Cottonseed meals are highly beneficial with a high organic content which aerates tight, dense souls and aids in retaining moisture in light, sandy soil. Cottonseed meals are safe to use liberally without danger of possible foliage burn, promoting healthy foliage, increasing crop production and fostering profuse, spectacular blooms due to its slow release time. It is a desirable and multi-use fertilizer.

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3: Greens and

Greens and contains glauconite, olive-green sandstone. It is a rich source of iron, magnesium and potassium. It aids in the stimulation of flowering and fruiting in fruit trees. Increase the water content in the soil to improve the rhizosphere to loosen the soil. The neutral levels in glauconite products can vary depending on their source.

4: Compost

Composed are plant-based organic fertilizers. It is a decomposed form of organic matter and the process of decomposing is called composting. They are rich in nutrients and can be used for gardens, organic agriculture, landscaping, container gardens, etc. They act as a good soil conditioner and help to boost the organic matter and the fertility of the soil.  It provides a rich growing medium that can hold moisture for a long time and provide necessary nutrients for the plants.

5: Bone meal

It is an animal fertilizer made of crushed animal bones. They are rich in phosphorus and calcium and provide some nitrogen. It is plant food for flowering plants, bulbs, and fruit trees. It is mostly used as a soil amendment for spots with high nitrogen levels where plants get burned.

By avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, using trichoderma harzianum helps to cultivate your garden to maintain fertile soil, plants and beneficial insects. Adopting the organic fertilizer concept will help your plants and crops to experience a balanced, nutrient-rich ecosystem.


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