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Civil Engineering lab equipment manufacturers manufacture robust quality Civil Engineering Laboratory Instruments. These Civil Engineering Laboratory Instruments have become the most preferred choice for almost all civil engineers as they serve precisely the purpose they are designed and manufactured. 

Civil engineering is a vast field that deals with designing and planning how modern cities, towns & nations shall be built. Civil engineers have been entrusted with the immense responsibility of building and maintaining all infrastructures. 

With the massive number of tasks to be completed, modern society has grown increasingly dependent on civil engineers. Civil engineers are vital in providing the world with the necessary infrastructural advantage. 

Civil Engineering lab equipment manufacturers

Atico Export is the top Civil Engineering lab equipment manufacturer and civil lab equipment supplier that has been designing and manufacturing civil lab equipment which bears these outstanding features:

  • Optimum performance
  • Sturdy construction 
  • High durability
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-Effective
  • Come with manual and complete expert guidance
  • Known and certified for premium quality 
  • Comply with international quality standards

Our range of Civil Engineering Laboratory Instruments is certified, and our team has left no stone unturned to ensure our clients get Civil Engineering Laboratory Instruments manufactured under the latest technologies. 

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Civil Engineering Laboratory Instruments/Civil laboratory equipment list

The civil engineer knows that their work area is significantly impacted by the Civil Engineering Laboratory Instruments/Equipment they work with. Civil Engineering Laboratory equipment is the backbone of any civil engineering company that plans to complete their project that is-

  • Strong, 
  • Sturdy, 
  • Stable,
  • Accurate within the specified period and in complete compliance with the predefined rules. The Civil Engineering Laboratory Instruments ensures that all factors within the parameters are at par throughout the project. 
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Civil engineers need Civil Engineering Laboratory Instruments to perform the following functions: 

Their functions can be divided into three categories: 

  • Before construction:
    • Feasibility studies, thorough site investigations, and application of design theories
  • During construction:
    • Dealing with clients, consulting engineers, and contractors
  • After construction:
  • Insights into Maintenance and research

Civil Engineering lab equipment manufacturers list the best instruments used in civil engineering labs. 

Civil laboratory equipment list

We have the best quality civil engineering lab equipment to serve all requirements effectively. Here are the categories of Civil Engineering Laboratory Instruments. Under each category, various equipment is specific to the respective type. 

  • Aggregate Testing Equipment 
  • Bitumen Testing Equipment
  • Cement Testing Equipment 
  • Compression Testing Equipment 
  • Concrete Testing Equipment 
  • Construction Equipment 
  • Soil Testing Equipment
  • Survey Instruments 

To view the entire range of our Civil Engineering Laboratory Instruments, we would appreciate it if you visited:

Due to space constraints, we are mentioning the Compression Testing Equipment equipment list. The Compression Testing Equipment determines how a material behaves or responds to compression forces. Following is the list of equipment in this category-

  • Unconfined Compression Test Machine
  • Triaxial Compression Test Machine
  • Compression Testing Machine (2 Pillars Type
  • Compression Testing Machine 
  • Compression Testing Machine (Plate Model)
  • Compression Testing Machine 500 KN
  • Compression Testing Machine (Channel Type)

The world is going digital, and so are we. Atico Exports are the key Civil Engineering lab equipment manufacturers that provide civil engineering lab instruments with the best price and guaranteed high quality. All our product range is available online along with complete product details that shall help our esteemed clients place their orders online. So for all your buying requirements, you can contact us and buy Civil Engineering Laboratory Instruments Online. 

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Civil lab equipment suppliers

Considering that we are India’s most reputed Civil lab equipment suppliers, we have been humble and modest in our achievements. More than pride, we feel great about the sense of responsibility civil labs worldwide have bestowed upon us. 

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Civil engineering is a tremendous branch of engineering where engineers have significant work and challenges to overcome daily. These challenges need a specialized civil engineering lab that makes the job easy and smooth for civil engineers. 

If you are a civil engineer or civil engineering lab equipment operator, or you have a civil engineering company, or anyone searching for the latest, advanced and most reliable civil engineering lab equipment, then contact Atico Export-Civil lab equipment suppliers today!!

All you need to do is get in touch with us, and we will process your order in no time. We keep a massive stock of civil engineering instruments at our end and send them all over India and other parts of the world like South .

The Gist

Civil Construction Laboratories are now relying considerably on the top-notch civil Civil Engineering lab equipment manufacturers and suppliers. We have emerged as the most renowned and prominent manufacturer of civil engineering lab equipment by providing the most economical, high-quality, easy to use and durable civil engineering apparatus for the civil engineering laboratories. 

With the help of our advanced civil engineering instruments, one can conduct many tests concisely and analyze the results. Be assured with our quality civil engineering lab equipment, and you will be getting equipment that will prove to be an investment that will reap benefits for a very long time. 

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